This June, Wolverine slashes his way through the vampire invasion in an all-new Blood Hunt tie-in series by Tom Waltz and Juan José Ryp.


New York, NY— February 15, 2024 — Whether it be Skrulls, symbiotes, or vampires, when Earth is being invaded, there’s one hero you’ll always find on the frontlines – Wolverine! When the undead rise and the eternal night falls in Jed MacKay and Pepe Larraz’s Blood Hunt, Wolverine will confront them claws first in WOLVERINE: BLOOD HUNT.

The four-issue series will mark the Marvel Comics debut of writer Tom Waltz, known for his acclaimed work on the blockbuster hit Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin. Joining this rising star will be artist Juan José Ryp, who’s already delivered a beserker’s rage of Wolverine action in the character’s current solo series. In addition to spinning directly out of Blood Hunt, Wolverine’s blood-soaked battles will also conclude Logan’s private war against the vampire nation, a storyline that’s been heating up over the last few years in the pages of Benjamin Percy’s epic Wolverine run.

LOGAN FIGHTS BACK THE DARKNESS! Wolverine’s the best there is at what he does – and today, fighting vampires is going to have to top that list! As the sky darkens across the globe and vampires reign, what hidden plot puts Logan directly in their crosshairs? Hint: It’s like nothing you’ve seen in Blood Hunt yet! Be there as the plot (and blood!) thickens when a secret vampire sect enacts a startling strategy that’ll take Logan – and the world – to the brink! Guest-starring some surprise characters from Wolverine’s past and the return of Louise of the Nightguard!

“I’ve spent much of my career writing about iconic mutants, so having my Marvel debut be a chance to put ‘the best there is’ through a vampiric bloodstorm in WOLVERINE: BLOOD HUNT is an absolute thrill of a lifetime,” Waltz shared. “It’s made even better by getting to do it alongside the amazingly talented Juan José Ryp, top-notch colorist GURU-eFX, and stellar editors Mark Basso and Drew Baumgartner! Blood, bullets, claws, and fangs—nothing gets held back in our four-issue gauntlet of gore!”

“WOLVERINE: BLOOD HUNT… Wow. My favorite Marvel character against VAMPIRES!!! And who doesn’t like vampires? (unless you prefer werewolves). This is surely the most dynamic, bloody, and daring series I have been able to draw. I hope seeing a lot of blood doesn’t scare you off!” Ryp teased.

Who will bite it? Feast your eyes on Ben Harvey’s terrifying WOLVERINE: BLOOD HUNT #1 cover and stay tuned tomorrow and next week for more Blood Hunt tie-in announcements, including one-shots and series tie-ins!


Written by TOM WALTZ



On Sale 6/5

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