The Golden Crème Corp is a story about the have and the have-nots. Youth verse old set in a post apocalyptic world. Where resources are scarce, and it becomes a battle of wills to see who will reign supreme.  LK and Creek are two soldiers who are protecting a group of elderly people from the so called rebels in a world gone mad. If you are a fan of Mad Max or Hunger Games, then you will be a fan of this very story which examines humanity at its worse.

Creator Jake Estrada

Jake Estrada was born in Philadelphia, PA. Jake’s mother saw that her son loved to perform and produce art so she enrolled him at a young age in the Lighthouse, a Philadelphia center for young kids to create art and theater productions. He holds degrees in both Multimedia Design and Criminal Justice Administration. Jake has worked professionally as an underground comic book artist since 2005.

Jake entered the field back in 2005 by first publishing his now classic hero Bocas. His first comic, Bocas, centered on a Hispanic character, and there are six books in that series. His other books include You Cannot Silence Me: The Unauthorized Pedro Albizu Campos Story, Tainos, Motorist vs. Bocas 1, Motorist vs. Bocas 2, The Human Virus , Screw Phillips, Maestro, Space Coast Comixx and many other titles.

Plus Jake has done work for newspapers like Al Dia Today which is a Spanish language newspaper doing a monthly strip that focused on anti-bullying, along with doing a monthly strip for Spotlight Magazine. Jake has starred in several local independent films in sunny Florida, along with directing his own feature length film based off his own comic series called BOCAS.  

 Jake has worked as an Art, Science, and History teacher for the last 4 years in Florida.

Chuck Fresh is the American-born son of Latvian immigrants. His parents. along with the rest of his melting pot neighborhood, all had strangely delightful accents, many of which Chuck emulated on the telephone and in drive-thrus to unsuspecting victims. Little did he know those characterizations would someday lead to a very lucrative career! Fresh became one of Philadelphia’s leading DJs. Today he’s one of the top voice-over talents in the world, currently an announcer on Sirius XM radio. Fresh wrote the published books Party Games and How To Be A DJ, along with 15 other self-published titles based on his crazy experiences. Pursuing a career in marketing with Time-Life in the early 2000s, Fresh learned the music, book, and film business. He opened a marketing company which helped several folks achieve prominence in sales and performance. Fresh is the writer and producer of three indie music projects, so he’s well aware of indie music industry trends. Along with Felicia B, Fresh produces and co-hosts the hit podcast and national radio program, Indie Originals Live.

Beth Sipps has worked as an editor in comics for the last decade. She is currently editing the hit comic series Capable, along with having edited Doughnut Demons, Space Coast Comixx and several other comic series. Beth Sipps also works as a school teacher and she takes pride in her editing duties.

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