It’s Going to be One Heck of a Cold Night up … NORTH #1

North #1 Cover
North #1 Cover

Back in September I featured a Kickstarter comic book called NORTH. For the preamble to the interview I did with NORTH‘s creator, Scott Sawyer, I wrote that NORTH is the story of a new generation of heroes in Canada. NORTH attempts to paints a picture of how a hero story in Canada would unfold with all the heroic tropes usually found in American comics. As we all know, most heroes are from New York city. But what about up here in the Great White North? What would make these heroes uniquely Canadian?

Well, I’m more than pleased to report that Scott’s Kickstarter campaign was successful and the launch party for NORTH #1 is scheduled for December 14th at 10am until 9pm at the world-famous Toronto comic shop, The Silver Snail. Books will be available for sale and Scott will be more than happy to sign your copy.

But let’s recap what NORTH #1 is all about. NORTH consists of a team of heroes lead by Casey, the daughter of the legendary Major Snow. As the comic opens we see Casey clinging to the ledge of a building holding up the other heroes she has assembled. Charlie, a typical teenager and the strong-girl of the group, Dean, a cocky werewolf, the robotic Bottica, and the near indestructible Allie. While trying how to get out of the precarious situation the NORTH team finds themselves in we are told through flashbacks how Casey met each of the heroes dangling with her.

North #1 Interior Page
North #1 Interior Page

In his introduction to the book Scott goes to great lengths to explain the book was a seven-year labour of love. Working on the project in his spare time while juggling work and family. For a first issue the dramatic “cliff hanger” situation and use of flashbacks solves all the typical origin story problems. He creates an interesting and tension filled story while helping his audience learn about these new characters. Most of the action sequences are at night during a snow storm and the colouring effects by Falk really convey just how miserable it would be to hang there so close to falling. Andrew Thomas’ letters are clean and professional, never interfering with the story or hindering the art. Pretty darn good first issue … I am definitely looking forward to more.

Available in print or digital at

Issue: NORTH #1 | Publisher: Novel Comics
Writer: Scott Sawyer | Artists: Scott Sawyer & Falk
Price: $9.99 print & $4.99 digital

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