It’s a war of the water

The Dust Pirates is a swashbuckling, high-adventure graphic novel from the creative team of artists Tony Gregori (The Worst DudesDuece of Hearts, Ancient Noise) Colorist Josh Jensen (Ninja Nuns), writers Kevin Cuffe and Bob Frantz (Metalshark BroNinja NunsSpirit of 666 ), and editor/letterer Chas! Pangburn (Spider KindMetalshark Bro, RIP You and Me.)

Ysennia, a revolutionary water mage transports two dashing pirates, the quick-witted and charming Blackheart Sam Bellemy and the tough and thoughtful Quinitor from 1790’s Earth to a desert world known as Atlantis in a desperate attempt to save its people from Xsicor, the tyrannical emperor of Atlantis.

The Dust Pirates is a fast-paced, pulpy, swashbuckling, adventure story full of big, beautiful action sequences wonderfully illustrated by Tony and Josh!

 The Dust Pirates will certainly appeal to fans Conan the Barbarian, Flash Gordon, and The Starjammer with enough heart and revolutionary action to speak to fans of Dune and Star Wars.

The Dust Pirates act as a reflection of modern society, tackling themes of our current social and political climate: the battle between proletariat and bourgeoisie. The powerful, ruling class of Atlantis dominates the population through control of water–the world’s most important natural resource.

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