It Came Out On A Wednesday #1 (Alterna) Review

If there is one independent comic book publisher that not enough comic fans are paying attention to it is Alterna Comics and their line of limited-series priced between one and two dollars. Printed on glorious newsprint, just like the days of your youth, and featuring cover layouts that will rub your old school fandom in all the right ways Alterna has added a bi-monthly double sized anthology comic to its lineup called “It Came Out On A Wednesday.”

Doubled sized means 56 pages of full-color artwork featuring eight short stories ranging in length between one and ten pages all for a mere $1.99. It is pretty hard to argue with that kind of deal and the fact this has been selling out around the country is proof that fans are finally starting to discover the small publisher with old school stylings.

This first issue was great, plenty of fun stories from horror to sci-fi to humor. The highlights to me were “Friday Arvo” which is a prequel to a new sci-fi mini-series starting in August and got me interested enough to add it to my pull pile. Mr. Crypt is always a welcome addition for some gentle humor and Bloodfist is an continuing story in each issue of ICOOAW that has me very intrigued.

I don’t feel like I have to do a hard sell here, I mean look at the bang you are getting for your buck, but I will leave you with this thought. As a comic reviewer I received a digital review copy of this first issue and I still went out to my favorite local comic shop and bought a copy when it came out this week. If I am willing to pay the $1.99 for a comic I have already read digitally for review purposes I cannot imagine anyone passing this one by. Pick it up and thank me later.

It Came Out On A Wednesday #1
Alterna Comics – $1.99

(W) Peter Simeti, Troy Vevasis, Ben Slabak, Jeremy Massie, Various (A) Michael Oppenheimer, Aleksandar Jovic, Salo Farias, Jeremy Massie, Various (CA) Eli Powell
Focusing on horror, sci-fi, and fantasy – this bi-monthly ongoing double-sized anthology features the best and brightest upcoming creators. Each issue features stunning cover art, interviews, ongoing stories, a comic contest, and previews of upcoming Alterna titles. And the best part? It comes out on a Wednesday, of course.

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