It Came From Beneath the Sea… Again! Review

This is a sequel to the 1955 black and white stop motion masterpiece, It Came From Beneath the Sea. Two years prior to the start of the story, Captain Pike Shepard of the U.S.S Carlson was commanding his ship during a fierce storm in the South Pacific when a giant octopus rose up from the sea and killed five of his crew members while attacking the ship. After returning the ship to port the Navy officially blamed the incident on weather, his tech officer Lt. McClure backed the Navy’s position and Captain Shepard was forced out of out of the service.

Now Captain Shepard runs a small fishing boat out of Taru Taru while drinking away the memories of that eventful night. That is until a scientist, Faust Spunkmeyer, shows up to do some experiments and soon the giant octopus returns to wreck more havoc on the water.

I honestly had low expectations for this book but I really enjoyed it. The story moves along quickly, the characters are well defined with wonderful personalities and story had three legitimate potential cliff hangers but the story kept right on moving. The art compliments the story well and it is never a challenge to understand what is happening. Captain Shepard is a cross between Indiana Jones and Nathan Drake and I am looking forward to the next issue and, dare I say it, a sequel to the sequel.

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