Is There a Winning Roulette Strategy I Can Use Online?

As most bettors are aware, roulette is a game of chance, so there is no such thing as a strategy that is guaranteed to see you win when playing on high stakes. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it isn’t possible to score a few victories and successes here and there. In fact, there are a couple of things you can consider and some things you should really avoid. Let’s look more closely at what you can and can’t do to boost your odds of success in roulette.

Forget About the Martingale

Firstly, forget about the Martingale System. This betting system sees you double your bets when you lose. It is designed to see you break even with a small profit margin. However, despite what you may have heard, it is easy to go bust quickly using the Martingale System if you face successive losses. We do not recommend that you take this approach when betting online.

Most Other Roulette Betting Systems Are Equally as Risky

This brings us to other systems. Any system where you double your bet upon losing is a bad one – a lengthy losing streak will see you out of luck fast. Not all are based on this, though. Some are numerically based and involve adding together previous or betting based on a count. These suffer from similar drawbacks, including the fact that some have complex rules that you’ll need to remember. Forget your count, and it is game over.

The Reverse Martingale “May” Keep You in the Game Longer

The only betting system that we’d pay any attention to is the Reverse Martingale System. This sees you double your bet only when you win. Naturally, with this system, you are unlikely to run out of cash as easily during losing streaks. However, you can pocket sizeable cash prizes when you win. It is more sustainable but still doesn’t guarantee a win when playing online roulette.

Strategic Column Betting

One of the better options you have in front of you is known as Column Betting. We’re not talking about picking a single column and rolling with it. Instead, it is a roulette strategy where you can effectively wager on several reds and blacks in various columns to cover the wheel. Doing so gives you impressive odds of winning compared to conventional betting. This is one that is very much worth looking up online.

Covering the Wheel

At the same time, covering the wheel is the most common roulette strategy shown to improve your odds of success. This involves wagering on the racetrack. By placing specific bets strategically across the board, you can effectively cover a third to two-thirds of the wheel. Unlike odds and evens, you can easily pocket immense prizes if your bet comes good when covering the wheel. Again, this is something we recommend you take a closer look at.

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