Is Science Fiction More Commercial than Mythology?

People have always been fascinated by concepts that are not easy to understand. Myths about warriors with impenetrable skin, stories about time travelers, and fictionally adapted stories of real-life characters who were immortalized, excite people of all ages and create opportunities for profit for companies that are willing to invest in products of such themes. Mythology and science fiction play a very big role in this equation, but the question on every businessperson’s lips is “which of the two is more commercial”.

Many businesses market entertainment products featuring ancient cultures. Land-based and online casinos offer games with mummies and Egyptian deities, video game developers create and market games such as Assassins Creed Origins, Odyssey, and Valhalla, and movie studios create movies and series focusing on the elements of ancient civilizations. Marvel is one of these studios and in 2022, the company decided to internationalize its superhero roster, re-introducing characters who have their backgrounds in Africa and Asia. Moon Knight took its audiences to Ancient Egypt, Miss Marvel took its viewers to Pakistan and India, and Shang-Chi took Marvel fans on a trip to China. Features such as the above enhance the entertainment quality of streaming services like Disney+, giving fans of ancient and oriental cultures the ability to experience something new.

Combining Mythology and Science Fiction

Mythology plays a very significant role in today’s fictional arts, but there is one more concept gradually starting its life cycle in the cinematographic franchise of graphic arts. This concept is no other than the Multiverse. Both DC and Marvel see the Multiverse as the epicenter of their entertainment franchises and every ongoing and upcoming project is focusing on stories that develop in multiple dimensions. The most recent story (until the next one) is Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which follows the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home. The only certain thing is that superhero fans are going to hear and see a lot more “Multiverse” on the features that will be released in the following years.

Superheroes and Gaming

Superhero products sell like crazy, regardless if we are talking about movies, video games, or physical merchandise. Video game studios see Marvel and DC heroes as a goldmine, and because of that, they try to release as many superhero-themed games as possible. Doctor Strange and Spider-Man are the two biggest attractions of the upcoming game Marvel’s Midnight Suns. This tactical turn-based RPG will offer something different to video gamers, as it is the first time a studio has decided to introduce tactics in the gameplay of a Marvel game. Many players are excited about playing Midnight Suns, while others would like a more action-adventure user experience for a game featuring characters like Captain America, Wolverine, and Blade.

Speaking of Action

The release date for Midnight Suns has been set pretty close to the release date of another superhero-themed game. The second highly anticipated superhero game is Gotham Knights, a game offering a “hands-on” experience to those that will choose it over Midnight Suns. Gotham Knights is an action RPG featuring both the heroes and the villains of Gotham City. With Batman out of the picture, Gotham’s fate lies in the hands of Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood, and Robin. During the game, players will be able to control all four heroes. The open-world approach is this game’s highest selling point, and it is certain that players will enjoy exploring Gotham City at their own pace.

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