Is Horse Racing Betting Safer Than Slots?

Horse racing betting is often the go-to sports betting option when it comes to making bets online.

However, for many that are looking to make returns on their selections, that also leads them into the world of online casinos, and since slots take very little knowledge to play, it would come as little surprise that it is the most popular of the games available.

So, when it comes to getting returns, which is the safest option for those looking to wager online.

Can Slots Gaming Be Profitable?

Slots have become the most popular online casino game, mainly because they are the easiest to play. Unlike blackjack and poker, there isn’t an awful lot of strategies that need to be understood before playing.

They have also been an extremely enjoyable way of playing games for players, as there are a wide selection of video, classic and 3D games available, including those that would also interest horse racing fans. Understanding the RTP of a slot is important to understand before making a wager, as the majority of slots would offer 95-97%.

That means that there would be increased chances of taking money out of the games, but winnings from these titles are unlikely to be life-changing amounts of money. Instead, gamblers would likely win small returns.

However, to improve your chances of getting higher returns, players will need to examine the slots available and find the ones with the best RTP percentages. Bonuses can also be a good factor to examine, as these typically will not return high prize money and will also decrease your chances of winning.

Is Horse Racing Profitable?

As we mentioned earlier, horse racing betting is one of the most popular sports to wager money on. There are meetings throughout the year, with tracks from around the world found on the leading sportsbooks.  So, start betting on horse racing with TwinSpires and find out more.

How profitable betting on the sport is, comes largely down to the work that the gambler is prepared to do. Unlike slots where you would deposit money and start playing, more attention must go into the selections that are made on horse racing, as each horse will have a different chance of winning, and it’s a live event.

Therefore, if players make horse racing bets as they would with slots, then it would not be a profitable betting selection in the slightest. However, if the gambler is prepared to put in the work and study the form, then the returns from horse racing could far exceed what a gambler could win while playing a slots title.

What Research Must Be Done Before Betting On Horses?

The research part of horse racing betting is by far the most important factor that should be taken into consideration. If you fail to prepare, then you will ultimately lose money when betting on the sport.

Factors that gamblers should take into consideration before making a wager on the racing, include studying the form of the horses involved and assessing the distances and terrains that they have performed on previously.

Looking into whether the horse has a positive record at the track that they are running on is also an important factor, as some horses will prefer certain tracks, and winning records will bold well for their chances once again.

Trainer’s form is almost as important as the form of the horse, as those with impressive strike rates highlight a yard that are in great condition. If a yard is firing on all cylinders, then the chances of another win are very high.

Meanwhile, the caliber of race that has been won previously should also be taken into account. A horse with place finishes in allowance races is unlikely to have a better chance in a stakes race in the United States compared to a horse that has a proven record of wins in stakes races.

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