Iron Circus Comics Presents The Lizard Prince and Other South American Tales

The Final Anthology from the Acclaimed Cautionary Fables Series Features Nearly 200 Pages of Comics Inspired by South American Fables and Folktales


(August 22, 2022) C. Spike Trotman’s Iron Circus Comics is launching an independent crowdfunding campaign for The Lizard Prince and Other South American Tales, an all-new anthology and the final installment in the acclaimed Cautionary Fables series. The stunning collection is packed with nearly 200 pages of real-world fables and folktales, from comedic to curious to downright chilling, retold in the form of comics by an array of talented artists. Come with us on a journey across South America, where we’ll meet terrifying birds, fire-breathing chefs, cheeky goblins, and so so much more!


Stories include:


  • “The Basnemporo Spider” by Brenda Argon, where a spider tries her very best to help.

  • “The Myth of the Condor” by Diego Carvajal, a sweeping romantic fable about love in the stars.

  • “The Ring” by Francis Francia, in which a new bride gets a little more than she bargained for.

  • “The Muki’s Deal” by Rick Lazo, where we learn all about mining goblins and true friendship.

  • “The Little Shepherd” by PD Loupee and Bruno Ortiz, where a brave little boy is able to find light even in the darkest places.

  • “Yara” by nique, the journey of a young girl determined to control her own destiny.

  • “Let Me Cook My Breakfast, Mr Caiman!” by Randal Ranpokoka, a hilarious tale of breakfasts, cooking fires and capybara!

  • “Pineapple Wishes” by Luisa F. Rojas, in which a magical Palenquera teaches a young girl that history can come alive.

  • “The Bum Who Tricked The Devil” by Rodrigo Vargas, in which—well, you guessed it!

  • “The Lizard Prince” by Lore Vicente, an epic tale of magic, love, courage and reptiles!

  • “A Girl and Her Bird” by Coni Yovaniniz, when the Tue-Tué bird comes calling.


The anthology is edited and organized by Alberto Rayo, Kel McDonald and Kate Ashwin and topped off with a beautiful watercolor cover by Daniela López. The Lizard Prince and Other South American Tales is the sixth and final volume of the acclaimed Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales series and the second volume of the series to be published by Iron Circus Comics; the series has previously been crowdfunded by Kel McDonald and Kate Ashwin. Iron Circus pioneered the widely-adopted bonus model that’s since completely reshaped the pay system of the small press, jump-starting the current renaissance of alt-comics anthologies.


“The Cautionary Fables and Fairytales series has been chronicling folktales from around the world for nearly a decade, hopping from Europe to Africa, over to Asia, Oceania, and finally teaming up with Iron Circus Comics to hit the coasts of America,” said editor Kel McDonald. “Our previous volume of North American tales told by Indigenous artists and writers smashed all records to become the highest funded comics anthology on Kickstarter, and now we’re fully onboard with Iron Circus’ crowdfunding, we can’t wait to see what happens next!”

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