Interesting facts about online slots

If you like playing slots, you are probably interested in the online version of the game as well. It’s a great way to spend time in the quarantine, but you should know a thing or two about online slots before you begin playing the game. We present you with the most interesting facts about online slots.

Is it legal?

We hear a lot of questions about online slots, but the most frequent question of all is this: Is it legal? Unfortunately, the answer is not too clear. It all depends on where you play the game because different countries have different gambling regulations.

If you wanted to make a film about casino, you’d first have to analyze local laws and learn how to approach the subject. The same applies to online slots – you need to check out whether it’s allowed or not. For instance, each state in the US has its own gambling rules as there is no federal act regulating the field.

How much can you earn?

People gamble because they want to feel the excitement and earn money quickly. But can you really make money playing online slots? Once again, it depends on your online casino and pure luck. For example, online casinos Ireland often have a great RTP (return to player) ratio and allow gamblers to earn quite regularly. Of course, you cannot expect to get rich playing online slots, but you can win smaller amounts from time to time and try to keep a positive score in total.

How to play?

In case you are totally new to online casino and slots in particular, you probably don’t know how to play the game. It’s not complicated, so we will get you acquainted with the basic concepts here:

  • Choose a good gambling platform
  • Place the first deposit and use available bonuses
  • Reels are vertical lines containing different symbols
  • Paylines are horizontal lines containing different symbols
  • The goal is to have the same symbols in paylines

As you can see already, playing online slots is very simple and you will get used to it within minutes. Some casinos come with bonus features and perks, but you will figure it out easily on the go.

What are the themes of casino slots?

Now that you know everything about gaming laws and online rules, you should also understand that digital casinos differ from traditional outlets in terms of theme variety. What does it mean?

Traditional casinos usually offer the same sort of slot machines with no particular themes whatsoever. On the other hand, digital gambling platforms have all sorts of themed slots that target different audiences. New apps with alternative themes pop up every day, but here are some of the most popular themes among online slots lovers:

  • Wrestling themes
  • Movie themes
  • Basketball themes
  • Superhero themes
  • Classical themes


Online slots are truly amazing if you are able to find the right gaming platform and a theme that suits your personal interests. We made sure to introduce you to the world of online slots, so now you can play the game knowing every important detail about it. Have fun!

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