Comics have always been a great way to educate and entertain readers, and they have earned a pedestal in their hearts by taking them through a series of events in the supernatural realm filled with villains and heroes. But have comics and casinos ever intertwined? If so, how did it play out?


The Relationship Between Comics and Gambling

If you’ve paid attention to the latest comic books, authors are working hard to incorporate betting into the stories. The relationship between betting and comics has grown so much. Now, casino games feature some of the most renowned villains and heroes in the comic world. But it wasn’t always like this.

Towards the first half of the twentieth century, casinos and comics were not what we see today. You had to walk into a casino to wager money physically back then. Players did not have the luxury to play at 32red bingo or other online gaming sites. The comic books were not any different. They depicted gambling as a vice best left to the villains. A glimpse into ‘The Gambling Racket in Metropolis’ and ‘Superman and the Number’s Racket’ stories proves as much. These stories followed suicidal gamblers who had lost their free will to the ills of betting. As you may have guessed, Superman came in and saved these gamblers and the day. He was so enraged by the betting industry that he took it upon himself to destroy the gambling syndicates in the Metropolis. The message to readers? – gambling was a vice that could ruin their lives!

As time went by, comics started moving away from this depiction and embraced betting as a normal way of life. Do you remember Gambit? Having a hero participate in gambling changed the perception that this activity was only for the villains in society. It was only a matter of time before casinos jumped on this new trend and incorporated comics into their games. It’s now commonplace to come across casino slots branded with famous superheroes and villains, enabling comic lovers to have their cake and eat it.


Fun Facts About Casinos and Gambling

We’ve already talked about Superman’s sentiments about gambling. Do you want to know what else has strengthened the link between gambling and casinos?


Gambit’s Stint

Before Gambit, there was this notion that betting was only for villains. After all, boy scouts like Superman led the war on gambling, and comic readers had little else to emulate. But Gambit came in and kicked this notion to the curb by proving that poker was not just a fantastic card game but also a key in successful fights. That changed everything in the comic/ gambling dynamics.


Batman’s Villains

Whether you are reading comics or following Gotham, one thing is clear- Batman has his work cut out for him. After all, who would not have their hands full with the likes of Joker causing mayhem in the city? Add the fact that Joker’s moves are not always easy to predict, and you have yourself somewhat of a gamble, don’t you? Now use this in a deck of cards, and you have yourself an amazing card game!


Gambling Addiction

Even in the comic world, some characters cannot seem to get enough of gambling. Need an example? – how about Penguin and Two-Face? These guys are tied up in all sorts of criminal activities and seem to have their lives hinged on unpredictability- it sounds a lot like a casino game.

Now that comic book fans can play for real money in superhero-themed casino games, the betting world is only set to get much more exciting!

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