INDYSPOTLIGHT: The Sentinels #267-272

The Sentinels #267-272
(267) When uber-genius Jill Trent is kidnapped by an old enemy, it’s up to The Planet’s Ultimate Superheroes, the Sentinels, to save her. But does she even need their help? It’s good all-ages heroic adventure fun, featuring new heroes and villains
(268) Strange things are happening around the world; sudden shifts in the emotion of crowds of people, from peaceful demonstrations, becoming violent riots, to throwing down of arms during a civil war, to public attacks on beloved superheroes.
Can the Planet’s Ultimate Super-Heroes, the Sentinels, discover who, or what, is behind it and stop it? Can they even figure out what’s happening?
(269) The Black Sun, one of the Grim Reaper’s World War II villains has returned and is wreaking havoc by mentally enslaving new followers to his cause. Can the Planet’s Ultimate Super-Heroes, the Sentinels, stop him before it’s too late?
(270) A group of villains from a parallel earth (Reverse-Earth) arrives in Manhattan, determined to break into a familiar-looking building. Can the Planet’s Ultimate Super-Heroes, the Sentinels, put a stop to their nefarious plans in time?
(271) Power absorbing/duplicating robot EMULEX returns, and the original Sentinels members are brought in to stop him. But, is that it, or is something even more sinister brewing?
(272) Can UltraMan find his home dimension with the Navi-Cube, or will the US Government succeed in stopping him? Also, can the rest of the team deal with The Trickster, reality-warping pain in the neck?

This collects the first six issues of the series beginning with 267, the first actual published issue.
Retro Bronze-Age style superhero team comic a la Justice League or Avengers, featuring updated public domain and original characters.
Story by Roy Johnson
Art by Fish Lee
Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Digital $1.99
Print $27.50
Deluxe Variant $43.99

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