Indy Spotlight: The Dark Nebula #11

The Dark Nebula #11
Born of woman, reborn of Death & tempered in the fires of realms beyond mortal perception & summoning power beyond the grave Mark Medula is The Dark Nebula, Australia’s Dynamic Super-sensation.
Hot on the heels of last issue’s cliffhanger ending it’s back to the cosmic coal mines for Australia’s greatest superhero. It seems after the events of The Chaos War in #3 & 4 there appears to be unfinished business in the past & future & it’s up to The Dark Nebula to prevent a cosmic calamity at the hands of his arch-foe Chaos. It’s full-on with the return of Cerellus of Caileu, resuming his duties alongside Mark Medula, as they discover an ability they always had to facilitate their attempts to restore order across time & space. Also, see The Golden Age Southern Cross as never before in ‘The Southern Croissant’
By Tad Pietrzykowski, Shane Foley, Dave de Vries, Glenn Lumsden, Gary Chaloner, Alex Grancha, and Ash Madi
Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 32
Print $3.99
Digital 99¢

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