INDY SPOTLIGHT: Jack & Murray #1

Jack & Murray #1
Unraveling the mystery behind the zombie outbreak, Jack and Murray unravel the chain of events that plunged the world into chaos.
Jack and Murray set out on a new quest, to venture through the treacherous sewers of Gullsville. Their destination: the Von Rate factory, rumored to hold the key to a rare and coveted resource in this desolate world, candy. The quest for something as simple as candy becomes symbolic, representing the resilience of the human spirit to seek moments of sweetness amid the bitterness of survival. But will they survive this new quest? Jack, at the tender age of 10, found a new best friend with Murray, and from that moment, their lives intertwined, shaping the profound connection that defines them as brothers. Together, they navigated the remnants of a shattered world, creating a new life founded on loyalty, resilience, and the shared goal of survival. Haunted by the mysterious disappearance of their father and sister, the brothers faced the painful reality that searching for them might lead only to more heartache. After a few years of futile searches, they made the heart-wrenching decision to cease the quest, accepting the possibility that their loved ones may be lost forever.
By Gary Dufner, Tim Motter
Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 20
Print $4.99
Digital $4.99

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