INDY SPOTLIGHT: Haints: The Awakening #1

Haints: The Awakening #1
Ruby, a Lowcountry teen, becomes aware that her dreams are opening a passageway for the sinister haints of the Hoodoo south.
Ruby, a Lowcountry teen, unaware of the curse she carries, unknowingly opens a passageway for the haints and spooks of the root-conjuring South to enter the world of the Living. Once this awareness hits, she fights to set things right — if she can! Confused by the onset of her Supernatural gifts and plagued by nightmares, Ruby hatches a plan to find her estranged grandfather, who she’s never met, while struggling to hide her emerging gifts from her family, fearing the outcome should they find out. Ruby struggles to overcome the obstacles of fitting into her new prep school environment while struggling to conquer her emerging supernatural gifts of black magic and Hoodoo in order to save a missing classmate from a malevolent spirit.
By Tonia Kempler and Norbert Yates
Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 32
Print $4.99
Digital 99¢

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