INDY SPOTLIGHT: Extraterrestrial V2 #2

Extraterrestrial V2 #2
Cassiopia and her father hatch a daring plot to swipe a menagerie ship overflowing with exotic creatures from the clutches of the tyrannical Terran Emperor. Their motivations may be different but this heist could have galaxy-shaping consequences, potentially fueling the fires of rebellion.
Cassiopia Conrad, a daring spacefarer, collects extraordinary creatures for her intergalactic zoo on behalf of Earth, the universe’s dominant zookeeper. However, galactic unrest is simmering as the oppressed outer rim worlds long for freedom. Even amidst the thrill of her adventures, Cassiopia can’t ignore the looming threat of rebellion that casts a shadow over the galaxy.
By Jeff Whiting
Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24
Print $4.50
Digital 99¢

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