Indy Spotlight: DR. WEIRD #1

Dr. Weird, the Master of the Macabre, was created by Howard Keltner in 1962 and turned into a cult-classic by G.R.R. Martin & Jim Starlin in 1970. He returns now in a respectful revision of his origin. Here we will find out how the soul of a dead time traveler from the future, Rex Ward, attained his magical powers and garments, ghostly castle and new name! Lovecraft fans shouldn’t miss this one. Plus, a mob hit man gains the power over life and death with an enchanted Egyptian Ankh containing the mystical Black Flame in Death Stalks Dr. Weird. Finally, this issue also includes the classic origin of the Golden Ghost from 1970 by George R.R. Martin and Jim Starlin.
Remember when comics were fun? Big Bang Comics does. Big Bang is a retro series, honoring the creators, styles and characters from the Golden and Silver Ages right up to modern times. Enjoy 80 years of faux comics history in the pages of Big Bang Comics, which began as a mini-series at Caliber Press in 1994, moved to Image Comics for about 50 issues and one-shots, and as a series of annuals from AC Comics.
By Pedro Angosto, Joan Vives, Maria Picassó, Edward DeGeorge, Gary Carlson, Carlos Rodrguez, Lluc Baños, Bruno Redondo, Allen Forbes II, George R.R. Martin, Jim Starlin
Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 64
Print $7.99
Digital 99¢

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