INDY SPOTLIGHT: All New Adventures Of Kahuna King

All New Adventures Of Kahuna King

After losing many costly battles with Kahuna King, the villainous Cosmic Skull bribes one of the gang at Bikini Cove to attach a Kahuna Tracker to our hero’s flying surfboard. The tracking device will allow The Skull’s evil organization to lock ground-to-air missiles on King and Aulani, blowing them out of the California skies with enough force to kill even them!
Even as Kahuna King soars toward certain doom, Aulani struggles to keep conscious, a side effect of a long period of inactivity. She needs action to recharge her magic powers, and she needs it now! Plus, the surprising true identity of Kahuna King, as well as his astounding origin are revealed!

Will Meugniot

Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 20

In the year 1965, alongside his beautiful and powerful partner, Aulani, The Kahuna King, a mysterious new sky-surfing superhero possessing a magical Hawaiian-style longboard and the fiery Torch of Truth, battles the evil forces threatening Los Angeles. Aided by the heroic teenagers who hang out at Bikini Cove, King and Aulani take on every menace to the city’s peace, be it narcotics dealers or cosmic threats.

While on the surface it may seem that King has it all: Super Human Strength, Invulnerability, the Power of Flight, Magical Communications using his Spirit Stones, Fiery Blasts which only hurt the evil, and the love of Aulani, behind his heroic façade lurks the spirit of a lonely teenage boy who is uncertain that he is worthy of being Kahuna King.

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