INDY SPOTLIGHT: Adventure Illustrated #1

Adventure Illustrated #1
Gary Chaloner, Tad Pietrzykowski, Michael Michalandos, Tim McEwen, Graeme Jackson
Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 36
Cyclone Force: ‘Whatever Happened To Flash Damingo?’ A giant monster invading Sydney Harbour! Aussie superheroes desperately try to avert mass destruction! What happened that fateful day? Greener Pastures: ‘Chapter 1: See No Evil.’ A mysterious stranger, talk show TV, and a dire warning set the scene for the return of Trevor Bovis: a depressed minotaur who works as a tax lawyer and lives in human suburbia, hiding in plain sight Red Kelso, 1931: ‘Gorilla Land: Part 1’ We meet a cast of irrepressible heroes that journey from the concrete jungle of New York to the prehistoric jungle of a mysterious island. This danger-fueled adventure is presented in the tradition of Tin Tin, Doc Savage, and Indiana Jones.
Adventure Illustrated #1 is a series from Australia: Cyclone Force, Greener Pastures & Red Kelso. This is a U.S. edition of an Australian comic.
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Digital $1.99

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