INDY SPOTLIGHT: 93 Johnson’s Girls’ Night Out #1

93 Johnson’s Girls’ Night Out #1
Scott Davis tries to move into his college apartment only to discover his roommates are turning it into a bar that’s opening that night. Meanwhile, one floor below, the stunningly beautiful Megan Hillcrest sets out to beat her cunning Sorority rival by stacking the deck at the bars that night and enlists her unsuspecting roommate to help with her scheme.
The year is 1993, before the time of the internet, social media, and smartphones — when people had no idea where their friends were at any given minute. Grunge rules the airwaves. And sophomore year is about to begin. A group of college students are trying to get by, live with one another, and just deal. And, there’s this mystery about a missing roommate… and a lamp?
by Jason Feehan, Chris Pauly, Ra3ndy Field
Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 56
Print $9.93
Digital $3.99

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