Indie Graphic Novel from War Machine Co-Creator – “BLOWBACK”

James Hereth and Rhonda Smiley

In BlowbackBlowback, a present-day U.S. Marine and his unit disappear in the Bermuda Triangle, only to find themselves in the year 1776. There, they battle to maintain the course of history as they face off against a stranded World War Two era Destroyer turned ruthless pirate ship.

Writer/Creators James Hereth and Rhonda Smiley, are screenwriters with numerous credits, including the live-action Ninja Turtles and Jungle Book series, the animated feature, Race, and Chris Pratt’s movie debut, Extreme Team.

Inspired by movies like The Final Countdown and Time Bandits, which also juxtapose multiple time periods, the two looked to create an action-filled tale where cannons face off against grenade launchers, muskets exchange fire with M16s, and pirate brutality clashes against modern military tactics.

Kev Hopgood

With help from fellow writer, Adam Beechen, they eventually connected with the phenomenal artist, Kev Hopgood, who’s most well known as a penciller on Iron Man. During his run on that book, he co-created War Machine and the Hulkbuster Armor with Len Kaminski, both of which are featured prominently in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as the upcoming Disney+ series, Armor Wars.

It was Kev who recommended colorist Charlie Kirchoff, the final piece of the puzzle. Charlie has brought numerous titles to life, including Star Wars Adventures, Star Trek Year Five, and Back to the Future: Tales from the Time Train, as well as the Image series, Secret Identities and The Hard Place.

The book is rated Teen Plus (17+ on comiXology) due to violence, harsh language, and brief nudity.


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