Indie Comics Creator Con (IC3): A Celebration of Independent Art and Ideas, Taking Place March 9, 2024

January 10, 2024 (New Haven, CT) – As we ring in the new year, we look ahead to March for the first-ever Indie Comics Creator Con (IC3). It’s a meeting of the minds as a new international indie scene gathers in person for the first time, offering attendees a selection of the best of a new crop of artisanal comics, all available together for perusal and purchase in one place for the first time.

“Most of these creators first got acquainted with each other from being fortunate enough to be sitting comfortably in our respective homes in different places during 2020, but still able to meet and connect via social media,” says Rocko Jerome, Director of Programming for IC3, as well as Writer/Producer of the comic called GHOST Agents. “As the rest of our lives as scheduled all came to a screeching halt, we suddenly had this time to collaborate and create. Many of us leaned into comics in a big way, this source of lifelong comfort. Most of us will meet at IC3 for the first time in person, and the books people will find there are unlike anything else. There are many comic shows and indie comic shows, but there will be an energy here totally unique to this happening. It’s a new scene ascending.”

IC3 aims to amplify the voices, vision, and passion driving new art, concepts, and unique sensibilities within the comic book medium. It’s set to take place on March 9, 2024, at Southern Connecticut State University and will serve as a dynamic forum, marketplace, touchstone, and summit for creators and fans alike. Unlike traditional conventions that often revolve around well-established corporate-owned properties, IC3 is committed to providing a space for newer, purely creator-driven comics to shine.

Matthew Sardo, with more than 15 years of experience in the industry, leads IC3 as the Convention Director. He envisions IC3 as more than just a gathering; it’s a neighborhood block party where attendees will feel an immediate sense of camaraderie and friendship. “We are in a golden age of self-published comics, and the Indie Comics Creator Con is a direct celebration of that,” says Sardo. “I’m so excited to bring such a diverse group of people together to celebrate independent comics and creators. This show is going to have a vibe like no other.”

2024 marks the 40th anniversary of the debut of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the most commercially successful independent comic ever. As a guest, IC3 welcomes Jim Lawson, a notable Turtles artist. Announcements of more will follow in the coming months.

IC3 calls upon comic book enthusiasts, creators, readers, and fans to support this extraordinary initiative to create a haven for independent art and ideas. To learn more about IC3 and support this vibrant endeavor, please visit You can follow IC3 on Instagram, Threads, and Facebook for regular updates

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