In Hollywood, celebrity skin is currency…

AUG. 18, 2022 (PITTSBURGH, PA) — Now live on Kickstarter, Amputation Capital, the 120-page, fully colored print edition from UK-based publisher, TPub Comics!  This limited dystopian series is written by co-creators Raymond Tyler (The Battle of Blair Mountain) and best-seller Neil Gibson(Stan Lee’s Lucky Man, Twisted Dark), in Amputation Capital, fame runs skin deep.

Art by Andre Rizzo, colors by Liezl Buenaventura (Shrugged, Soulfire) and Agnese Pozza (Heavy Metal). Letters by Jed McPherson (Cuddles) and Kat Jackson.

Amputation Capital is where celebrities and influencers sell body parts on a publicly-traded skin market. High market, high value.

Alfie’s good at buying celebrity skin. Real good.

He has no problem convincing actors with waning careers to sell their body parts to his company, Skin Deep. His biggest purchase yet, the ring finger of recently divorced superstar actress, Morgan Mainor—a great victory, until a group of anti-skin activists called the Phantom Pain Project pay Alfie a visit, kick his head in, and force-feed him the two-million dollar finger on camera.

Alfie becomes the instant-infamous celebrity he’s always feared.

“We are so thankful for the response from the TPub community and fans,” said Raymond Tyler. “This is definitely a campaign for collectors, with a lot of cool stretch rewards like the framed art!  We’re also working on creating additional prints that we can slip into any backers’ order as a physical reward. Wait til you see what happens at 15k; something special for everyone!”

“Is Amputation Capital for everyone, no. Did Raymond create a fantastic story? YES!” said Neil Gibson. “This is a comic about greed, excess and desperation, with a sprinkling of hope. If you are after something different, read the sample pages!”


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