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PORTLAND, Ore. 05/23/2023 — Image Comics is pleased to return to the ALA Annual Conference for 2023 with a full line-up of exciting creator-owned programming including panels, signings, and more.

The Image Comics booth will be located at booth #2229 and will have finished copies of Two Graves, Vol. 1 by Genevieve Valentine, Ming Doyle, and Annie Wu, Advance Reader Copies of Cosmic Detective by Jeff Lemire and Matt Kindt and Parasocial by Alex De Campi and Erica Henderson, Free Comic Book Day editions of the upcoming series launches Fishflies by Jeff Lemire and The Sacrificers by Rick Remender and Max Fiumara, and more for giveaway.

Skybound will have finished copies of Arcade Kings #1, Ava’s Demon Book One: Reborn, Dark Ride Vol.1, Good Comics for Bad People: An Extra Fabulous Collection, I Hate This Place Vol.1, LEGO Ninjago Vol.1, Outpost Zero, Scurry, Void Rivals #1, and Advance Reader Copies of Clementine Book Two available at the Image booth as well.



Meet the Creator: Genevieve Valentine of Two Graves
9:30 AM – 10:30 AM CT
Booth #2229

Meet award-winning author Genevieve Valentine and get a signed copy of Two Graves at the Image Comics booth!

Into the Massive-Verse with Image Comics!
9:30 AM – 10:20 AM CT
Exhibit Hall – Chapter One Stage (Next to Booth 1342)

Enter the Massive-verse! It’s the beginning of a brand new era in superhero comics, with the most talented creators around tackling their own series of books, comprising one expansive, enthralling new storytelling universe! Crime and mystery, comedy, romance, drama, action and adventure, no matter what your favorite genre, there’s a book in the Massive-Verse for you. The brilliant mind behind the Massive-Verse will introduce the beginnings (and the future) of this new franchise in conversation with its most exciting authors and illustrators.

Author(s) / Speaker(s):
Cherish Chen (Radiant Red), Melissa Flores (Radiant Pink, The Dead Lucky), & Joe Clark (Radiant Black).
Moderator: Kyle Higgins (Radiant Black, Supermassive)

Meet the Creator: Annie Wu of Two Graves
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CT
Booth #2229

Meet award-winning author illustrator Annie Wu and get a signed copy of Two Graves at the Image Comics booth!

Capturing the Surreal with Image Comics
11:30 AM – 12:20 PM CT
Exhibit Hall – Graphic Novel/Gaming Stage (Next to Booth 1326)

They say truth is stranger than fiction, but these comics authors are giving that statement a real run for its money! In this interactive panel with audience Q&A, Image Comics presents an all-star lineup of award winning talent in an in-depth discussion about how genre fiction can help make sense of our all too unreal reality! Audience members will leave with new and engaging ways to think and talk about comics and their impact on our perceptions.

Author(s) / Speaker(s):
Jeff Lemire (Fishflies), Pornsak Pichetshote (The Good Asian), Genevieve Valentine (Two Graves), & W. Maxwell Prince (Art Brut).

Meet the Creators: Kyle Higgins of Radiant Black, Cherish Chen of Radiant Red, & Melissa Flores of The Dead Lucky
12:30 PM – 1:30 PM CT
Booth #2229

Meet Kyle HigginsCherish Chen, and Melissa Flores, the powerhouse creators behind The Massive-Verse and get signed Massive-Verse comics at the Image Comics booth!

Choose Your Apocalypse: Dystopian Graphic Novels for Every Age
12:30 PM – 1:20 PM CT
Exhibit Hall – Graphic Novel/Gaming Stage (Next to Booth 1326)

Meet the acclaimed voices behind the thrilling new dystopian graphic novels for Middle Grade, YA and Adult Audiences all about navigating the complexities, and finding the smallest sparks of joy, in the apocalypse. Tillie Walden (Clementine, On A Sunbeam), Kyle Starks (I Hate This Place), Mac Smith (Scurry) and Alex Antone (Skybound Editorial Director) discuss the inspirations behind their hit graphic novels, how dystopian stories are for all ages, audience Q&A, and more!

Author(s) / Speaker(s): Speakers:
Tillie Walden (Clementine, On A Sunbeam), Kyle Starks (I Hate This Place), & Mac Smith (Scurry), Alex Antone (Skybound Editorial Director).
Moderator: Moni Barrette

GNCRT’s 2023 Magical Comics Tea (Ticketed Event)
2:00 PM – 4:00 PM CT
Meeting Room – Hyatt Regency McCormick, Grant Park AB

Come join us at the GNCRT’s 2023 Magical Comics Tea! Visit with Jeff Lemire (Cosmic Detective, Fishflies), Kyle Starks (I Hate this PlaceThe 6 Sidekicks of Trigger Keaton), and many other creators along with other comics loving library staff as we hear about upcoming titles and projects from your favorite publishers! Dress up as your favorite tea-time character (hats are especially encouraged), or just come as you are and share in the comics-camaraderie!

Image Comics Speakers: Jeff Lemire (Cosmic Detective, Fishflies)
Skybound Entertainment Speakers: Kyle Starks (I Hate this PlaceThe 6 Sidekicks of Trigger Keaton)

Meet the Creator: Tillie Walden of Clementine Book Two
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM CT
Booth #2229

Meet acclaimed creator Tillie Walden (Clementine, On A Sunbeam) and get a signed advanced reader copy of Clementine Book Two at the Image Booth!

Meet the Creator: Pornsak Pichetshote of The Good Asian: 1936 Edition
3:30 PM – 4:30 PM CT
Booth #2229

Meet award-winning author Pornsak Pichetshote and get a signed copy of The Good Asian, coming soon to a streaming service near you, at the Image Comics booth!


Meet the Creator: Mac Smith of Scurry
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CT
Booth #2229

Meet renowned webcomic creator Mac Smith (Scurry) and get a signed copy of Scurry at the Image Booth!

Hair-Raising Horror Graphic Novels
11:30 AM – 12:20 PM CT
Exhibit Hall – Graphic Novel/Gaming Stage (Next to Booth 1326)

Join Oni Press, BOOM!, Image Comics, and Skybound for a discussion with some of the most terrifying voices in horror! We will explore genre inspirations, unique insights and challenges of horror graphic novels, and how these creators deal with skeletons in the closet! Panelists include Mark Bouchard (It Took Luke), Tate Brombal (Behold Behemoth, House of Slaughter), Kyle Starks (I Hate this Place), and W. Maxwell Prince (Ice Cream Man).

Author(s) / Speaker(s): Mark Bouchard, Tate Brombal, Kyle Starks, & W. Maxwell Prince
Moderator: Pornsak Pichetshote of Infidel

Meet the Creator: Kyle Starks of I Hate This Place
12:30 PM – 1:30 PM CT
Booth #2229

Meet superstar creator Kyle Starks (I Hate This Place, Six Sidekicks of Trigger Keaton) and get a signed copy of I Hate This Place Vol. 1 at the Image Booth!

Reading Makes You Invincible: Graphic Novels from Skybound Entertainment
1:45 PM – 2:30 PM CT
Exhibit Hall – Book Buzz Theater (Next to Booth 5226)

From defending yourself against a herd of walkers to making pacts with ancient alien queens to dealing with your intergalactic bad dad, uncover new worlds with Skybound Entertainment’s slate of graphic novels from a variety of new and critically-acclaimed voices in the industry, including Tillie Walden (Clementine), Mac Smith (Scurry), Michelle Fus (Ava’s Demon), Kyle Starks (I Hate This Place), Tri Vuong (LEGO, Everyday Hero Machine Boy), Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead, Invincible), and more.

Meet the Creator: W. Maxwell Prince of Art Brut, Ice Cream Man
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM CT
Booth #2229

Meet comics industry phenom W. Maxwell Prince and get a signed copy of Art Brut and Ice Cream Man at the Image Comics booth!

What’s Next in Genre Fiction with Image Comics & DC Entertainment
2:30 PM – 3:20 PM CT
Exhibit Hall – Diversity in Publishing Stage (Next to Booth 5240)

An electrifying conversation between the authors and illustrators bringing their unique visions to all genres of comics, including historical fiction, mythological adaptations, superheroes, supernatural romance, and more! From award winners to beguiling beginners, these are the talents your patrons are all going to be reading!

Author(s) / Speaker(s):
Ram V (The Vigil), Pornsak Pichetshote (The Good Asian), Cherish Chen (Radiant Red), Melissa Flores (Radiant Pink, The Dead Lucky)

Meet the Creator: Jeff Lemire of FishfliesCosmic Detective
3:30 PM – 4:30 PM CT
Booth #2229

Meet the multi-award winning, superstar creator Jeff Lemire and get a signed copy of Fishflies at the Image Comics booth!


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