IDW Hires Aub Driver as Director of Marketing

SAN DIEGO, CA (October 11, 2023) – Just ahead of New York Comic Con, IDW Publishing is proud to announce Aub Driver has joined the team as the new Director of Marketing. With two decades of experience working with artists, writers, and musicians in the media industry, Driver will work with an all-new Marketing and Sales team at the award-winning publisher.

Driver holds a Master’s in Communications from Syracuse and brings to IDW a focus on highly strategic communication programs that blend public relations, content marketing, and social media strategy. His impressive campaign strategies have led to successful consumer product launches, album releases, and multiple New York Times bestselling titles.  During his career, Driver spent over five years at Dark Horse Comics and more recently helmed PR at Digital Trends, Discogs, and Glorious Gaming.

“IDW is a legacy brand with an incredible history in both licensed and original content. Walking into the 25th anniversary of the company, I couldn’t be more excited to bring my experience to the table,” remarked Driver. “There are new initiatives coming that we believe the comics market is going to appreciate and there are new projects coming to the table that will only bolster IDW’s publishing line.”

IDW Co-Publisher Tara McCrillis is positive Driver will bring invaluable experience and creativity to the publisher. “Aub comes to IDW with a wealth of Marketing & Publicity experience and a passion for the medium. I’m confident that Aub and the team are geared to change the way IDW approaches Marketing.” McCrillis added, “Working closely with our licensors, creators, and internal teams, Aub will be focusing on fostering marketing that will set the stage for greater consumer awareness, engagement, and most of all, excitement for the amazing stories our talent are telling.”

Co-Publisher Mark Doyle believes Driver’s enthusiasm for the industry will bring a phenomenal level of care and appreciation for IDW’s stories and the people who bring them to life. “Comics and their creators deserve the best marketing possible and Aub is perfectly poised to make that happen because he loves comics. You can see it in the way he talks with talent, works with licensors and editors… his passion comes through in the way he approaches each project with a tailor-made touch.”

This summer, IDW also added several notable staff to its Sales and Marketing team, including Sean Brice as Senior Director of Sales, Gregg Katzman as Senior Manager of Public Relations, Ryan Balkam as Direct Market Sales, and Reina Strauss as Sales and Marketing Coordinator. Additionally, Warren Buchanan was promoted from Sales Analyst to Licensing Manager with a new emphasis on researching, pitching, acquiring, maintaining, and strengthening IDW’s licensing comics line-up.

Driver, Brice, Katzman, and Balkam will all be at New York Comic Con this week.

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