IDW Games Dives Back Into Deep Space with Galaxy Hunters

The Kickstarter Campaign for IDW Games’ New Worker Placement Game
with Mech and Pilot Customization is Now Live

SAN DIEGO, CA (August 26, 2020) – Designer Daniel Alves seamlessly blends the excitement of crafting a unique character with the deep strategy of classic worker placement in Galaxy Hunters, the new worker placement game from IDW Games. Featuring an innovative neural link system, your choice of pilot and mech will guide your strategy from first deployment to final scoring. Galaxy Hunters is live now on Kickstarter with an exclusive Starfire mech for all backers, and there’ll be more exclusives to come!


  • Inventive Pilot & Mech System
    • Your special abilities are determined by your unique mech-pilot pairing
    • High replayability with new combinations and new upgrade arrays
    • Your link influences play across the board with bonuses to weapon efficiency, mutant resistance, and planetary effects

  • The Mechs
    • Striking sci-fi sculpts with a commanding 65mm board presence
    • Pre-assembled for immediate planetary deployment
    • All game backers will receive a complete set of mechs unlocked throughout the campaign

  • Hybrid Gameplay
    • Traditional Euro-style worker placement across fourteen interstellar destinations to gather resources, buy upgrades, and recruit specialists to your cause
    • Extensive upgrades across seven categories make for a singular experience in every session
    • Mech versus mutant combat to harvest DNA, accomplish Megacorps missions, and become the most famous hunter in the galaxy
    • Mutant invasions influence both layers of the game with unexpected arrivals and potential enemy floods

  • “New Ways To Hunt” Expansion
    • Offering more rewards, but at a higher risk
    • Recruit a fifth player to the hunt
    • New mech & pilot — Duar Krill and the Iron Smoker
    • Introduces combat panels and dice for a layer of push-your-luck play
    • Opens up a new realm of planetary exploration with Ambassadors

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