Ice-T, Arabian Prince, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Treach, Tommy The Animator, and Z2 Comics Unite for New Gangster Graphic Novel, DEATH FOR HIRE: The Origin of Tehk City

Creators Ice-T, Tommy The Animator and Arabian Prince announce the graphic novel prelude to a new animated series starring Ice-T, Coco, Busta Rhymes, Tracy Morgan, Mike Epps, Styles P, Tone Trump, Roxanne Shanté, Ben Baller, and Law & Order’s Peter Scanavino; iconic producer Dr. Dre will contribute an original score.

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Death For Hire: The Origin of Tehk City Cover Art by Montos.
LOS ANGELES—Z2 Comics is proud to announce DEATH FOR HIRE: The Origin of Tehk City, a new hard-crime graphic novel prelude to a massive IP universe that will span animation, music, toys, NFTs, and beyond. Created by iconic musician and actor Ice-T, founding NWA member Arabian Prince, and Award-Winning artist Tommy The Animator, the graphic novel introduces a brutal ensemble of pushers and murderers in a world where the line between anti-hero and arch-villain blurs quickly. DEATH FOR HIRE: The Origin of Tehk City is edited by Z2’s Rantz Hoseley, with Josh Bernstein of Z2 Comics and Shannon Eric Denton of Monster Forge Productions serving as executive producers.

“You want some real punch-you-in-the-face action? Then DEATH FOR HIRE is it!” co-creator and writer Ice-T exclaims.

Within these pages, crooked Mayor Chuck Davis (Ice-T), his deadly female assassin Rhonda Knuckles (Coco), and right-hand-man Maniac Max (Treach) navigate the savage law of the street. With his hands busy in everything from money laundering to hired hits, Davis tries to stay one step ahead of the competition in the Round Table Gang—Benny Tang (Ben Baller), Azul Michoacan (Emilio Rivera), and Vinny “Pipes” Roselli (Jeffrey Peterson)—who have controlled the black market undercurrent of Tehk City for years. But information comes at a price, especially when purchased from Pretty Black (Snoop Dogg), whose black market network feeds him intelligence from the furthest reaches of Tehk City. Davis and his crew will soon learn that grabbing power from the top dog can take you sky high or drag you to the grave.

“Everybody better get ready for the ride of a lifetime—DEATH FOR HIRE: The Origin Of Tehk City is coming hot off the presses of Z2 Comics,” co-creator and co-writer Arabian Prince explains. “Starring the homie Ice-T and a list of stars never before seen in one place, get ready to explore the origin leading up to the animated series of Tehk City—y’all ain’t ready!”

A murderer’s row of rap luminaries and pop culture icons will serve as the likeness and voices within the upcoming Tehk City animated series. In addition to iconic producer Dr. Dre providing an original score for the animated series, each rap artist will write and perform a custom theme for their character. The following talent will be involved and voice a character in the animated series:

• Ice-T as Mayor Chuck Davis

• Coco as Rhonda Knuckles

• Snoop Dogg as Pretty Black

• Tracy Morgan as Thirsty Mike

• Busta Rhymes as Killa Whale

• Mike Epps as Louiie

• Treach as Maniac Maxx

• Arabian Prince as Kenyatta Prince

• Peter Scanavino as Slimm Roselli

• Roxanne Shanté as Officer Petty

• Ben Baller as Benny Tang

• Styles P as Barkim

• Tone Trump as Bones

• Emilio Rivera as Azul Michoacan

• Tommy The Animator as Tommy Chrome

• Shannon Eric Denton as Dropout

DEATH FOR HIRE: The Origin of Tehk City is created by Ice-T, Arabian Prince, and Tommy The Animator, with a script by Gary Phillips (FX’s Snowfall) and illustrations by Montos (Blondie: Against The Odds).

“Ice-T, Arabian and Tommy have assembled an all-star cast of hip-hop heavyweights and Hollywood superstars to populate Tehk City from the ground up,” says Z2 Partner Josh Bernstein. “Z2 is truly honored to work with rap royalty as we build out this vast IP universe together.”

Z2 Comics, Ice-T, Arabian Prince, and Tommy The Animator present DEATH FOR HIRE: The Origin of Tehk City in standard hardcover and deluxe hardcover editions. The deluxe hardcover will come with movie poster art prints and collector’s cards. Oversized platinum editions will come signed by Ice-T, Arabian Prince, and Tommy the Animator and come with an elegant slipcase, classic movie poster-style art prints, collector card packs, an ultra-rare Mayor Chuck Davis foil card, and the first-ever Tehk City NFT collection featuring a Chuck Davis NFT. DEATH FOR HIRE: The Origin of Tehk City will release in summer 2023.

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Death For Hire: The Origin of Tehk City Slip Case Cover Art by Montos and Josh Bernstein.

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