Ian Flynn talks about SILVER THE HEDGEHOG

In the world of Sonic, he isn’t the only super speedy Hedgehog. There is also Shadow, Scourge, Robin O’Hege and Silver the Hedgehog. Upcoming in the pages of Sonic Universe 25-29 Silver the Hedgehog will take center stage. Sonic scribe extraordinaire Ian Flynn stopped by First Comics News to talk about the shiny urchin.

First Comics News: Exactly how many Hedgehogs are there in the Sonic Universe?

Ian Flynn: Oh there are hedgehogs everywhere! Obviously, there are the games’ hedgehogs: Sonic the hero, Shadow the grim anti-hero, Silver the time-traveler, and Amy Rose the maybe-sorta-love interest. In addition to those you have Sonic’s family: Jules the father, Bernie the mother, and his Uncle Chuck. Amy has her cousin Rob o’ the Hedge. Sonic and Amy both have to endure their evil twins, Scourge the Hedgehog and Rosy the Rascal respectively. And we might as well count Metal Sonic. There’s plenty of hedgehog goodness to go around.

1st: Are they all as fast as Sonic?

Ian: Not for the most part. Shadow can keep pace, but that’s mostly because of his rocket shoes. Amy’s quick, but her real power lies in her Piko-Piko Mallet. The only ones who can truly keep up with Sonic are Scourge and Metal Sonic.

1st: Who is Silver the Hedgehog?

Ian: Silver is a time-traveler from two hundred years in the future. His world is perpetually in turmoil, and he keeps traveling back in time to try and find the source of these problems. He’s got incredible psychic powers, but he’s a little too young and a little too naïve to use them effectively. He’s a hero in training, but they don’t make a manual for that.

1st: What does Silver the Hedgehog bring to the Sonic Universe?

Ian: “Sonic Universe” is about looking at the world, or worlds, that make up the greater Sonic mythos. Silver fits that bill to a “T.” He comes from a post-apocalyptic future and travels back to other timelines to face new, and sometimes strange threats.

1st: How does he travel through time?

Ian: Silver has used two methods: a Super Warp Ring and a Time Stone. The former was an over-charged trans-dimensional gateway; functional, but not as robust as the Time Stone. The latter is a gem steeped in mystery that allows him to travel to any point in the timeline.

1st: Can he change the past?

Ian: That’s what he hopes to do! His main mission is to find a traitor within the ranks of the Freedom Fighters before they strike and doom the world. We’ll be seeing more of his adventures and whether or not they truly affect his time.

1st: What are the rules for Time Travel in the Sonic Universe?

Ian: The primary rule is that while you can change the past you don’t necessarily know what will happen down the line. In our “Mobius: 30 Years Later” storyline, a future King Sonic traveled through time to fix one problem, only to return to find a bitter King Shadow on his throne. Changing the timeline means wiping the slate clean for everything that comes after. The only reason Silver doesn’t forget his mission is because he’s become “decoupled” from time, making him immune to the changes he causes.

1st: What time period is the “Silver Saga” set in?

Ian: The story line will take place roughly thirty years after Sonic’s time, or about one hundred seventy years in Silver’s past. Some fans will think they know what that means, but we’ve got a surprise for them!

1st: Who is in the storyline with Silver?

Ian: Just like our other adventures into other timelines and dimensions, Silver will be interacting with a number of familiar faces. The question is: are they the same as when he last saw them?

1st: What is Silver trying to accomplish?

Ian: Silver will be investigating an attack on his timeline and end up getting involved in a last-ditch resistance movement against a terrible evil. It will be Silver’s biggest adventure to date, so I won’t spoil it further!

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