I Spit On Your Grave: Deja Vu

*Hi Boys! Remember me?

I am a HUGE FAN of the original exploitation “Rape and Revenge” classic film I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE.

HUGE. As is evidenced me having a T-shirt of it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have this, it’s not the kind of film shirt you can wear to a picnic…

*even if SpookyNinjaKitty couldn’t care less… “Stoopid Huuman..”

I have met the lead actress from the original a few times and even had discussions relating to films I was producing about attaching her to them. In my eyes Camille Keaton will always be a queen. I was never blown away by the remake or its sequels so when I heard that the writer/director of the classic was coming out with a direct sequel I was over the moon!

Over 40 years after the controversial exploitation film was unleashed, director Meir Zarchi is back with I Spit On Your Grave: Deja Vu, being billed as the only true sequel to the 1978 rape-revenge movie.

Camille Keaton reprises the role of Jennifer Hills in Deja Vu, starring alongside Jamie Bernadette as her daughter, Christy Hills. In this sequel…

Incensed that Jennifer Hills was vindicated of killing her rapists decades prior, both mother and daughter are kidnapped by revenge-seeking relatives.

Maria Olsen, Jim Tavare, Jonathan Peacy, Jeremy Ferdman, Holgie Forrester, Roy Allen and Alexandra Kenworthy also star.

I have worked with cast members Jim Tavare and Maria Olsen before in Full Moon Entertainment’s KILLJOY PSYCHO CIRCUS and reached out to them once I heard there would be a red carpet cast/crew premiere in Beverly Hills. There’s not a ton of things I’d drive over 5 hrs from Las Vegas to attend but this certainly was on the list.

Meeting Meir was a joy, how could I possibly explain how much of an influence his film was to me as a young horror writer? I couldn’t, I was polite and he was kind but if he had any idea how much I had watched, re-watched and watched again his film with commentaries and such… I “get” what he was going for with his vision in the original even if critics misunderstood it.

*I loves me some Breeanna Judy, the actress, producer, & owner of Meddlesome Films LLC

*Mark Savage, some fathead, Writer/Director Meir Zarchi, Jamie Bernadette, & Camille Keaton

Few screen grabs for you:

Some thoughts after seeing it: just as the original revolted some viewers this new one is a dish not right for everyone and some people walked out. Good! That’s the way art should be. HOT or COLD. It was a joy to see where Camille’s character had grown in his universe and golly did Maria Olsen KILL IT as the lead baddie. She goes places I didn’t expect and I loved it. She’s a gem. My good friend, the filmmaker Mark Savage, Breeanna Judy & I continued to discuss this film and how it effected all of us late into the night. Art is subjective so if you’re a fan of the original you owe it to yourself to seek this out.

I snapped a brief glimpse of the cast Q n A following the screening:


PS- The Documentary about the original is coming out too!! Santa must have saw that I was a good boy this year!

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