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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Amazing Spider-Man # 3
Arrowsmith: Behind Enemy Lines # 3
Astronaut Down # 1
Batman # 124
Cyber Force 30th Anniversary Commemorative Edition # 1
Dark Crisis # 1
Jane Foster & The Mighty Thor # 1
Monkey Prince # 5
Multiversity: Teen Justice # 1
The Rocketeer: The Great Race # 3
Spawn # 330
Thor # 26
Venom # 8
The Ward # 1

Amazing Spider-Man # 3– Sooo…..after the last issue, Spidey got beat down and is now being held hostage by Tombstone and this aspect takes up most of the issue (No really. it does!!); Zeb Wells is without a doubt one of the most innovative writers in comics but for this new iteration of ASM, it just feels like he’s got his foot on the brake instead of cutting loose because Wells can deliver a story chock full of action and memorable moments where he’s allowed that freedom. To see Spidey at his lowest and at the mercy of a villain who has no remorse (Tombstone) comes off as sad and it looks like this arc will be dragged out until the conclusion so let’s hope something huge happens to help wrap up some of the plot lines and move forward.

Astronaut Down # 1– Aftershock brings out another new title, brought to us by the creative team of James Patrick and Rubine that takes Sci-Fi to a higher element that anyone will enjoy. Douglas Spitzer is an astronaut that’s fearless, brave, and adaptable and is selected for a mission that won’t have him just traveling into space, oh no, he’ll be ……..(Get ready for it)…… launched into various alternate realities on a mission to dave earth from a terrible crisis. I thought the concept was intriguing and for someone like me who’s into Sci-Fi and alternate realities, it was a title that I relished from beginning to end. Take “Sliders” (Remember that Sci-Fi gem from the 90s?!) and “Apollo 13” plus take elements of a David Cronenberg movie and you got Astronaut Down. Another winner for Aftershock that I highly recommend.

Cyber Force 30th Anniversary Commemorative Editon # 1– Image Comics has brought out the red carpet for the 30th anniversary of Marc Silvestri’s pride and joy by releasing a commemorative edition of the first issue and I got to say……. this issue sums up everything about comics like this from the 90s- It’s loud and action-packed all while accompanied by a fast-paced narrative that is an easy read as it never really give the readers time to like these characters nor invest in their adventures; And yes I will say this – Cyber Force will always be a poor man’s X-Men, only difference Is that the latter is still popular with comic book fans no matter what era they’re in. Now for anyone who loves Cyber Force or any Image title from the 90s, then after you pick this title up make sure you go buy a bottle of Mountain Dew, dust off your Discman, and look through your CDs (If you come across Nirvana, Alanis Morrissette, Oasis for any of the Wu-Tang solo albums. Whatever you fancy!) reading this will take you back to the 90s……trust me, it’s the only good thing about this issue.

Dark Crisis # 1– It was bound to happen!! DC once again heads to the Crisis well to see if it can run it dry (Didn’t we suffer enough with “Final Crisis”?!?) but I’m not exactly impressed with this sequel that no one asked for. Yes, the Justice League is presumed dead at the hands of Pariah (One of the original mainstays of “Crisis On Infinite Earths”- a Classic and Masterpiece I might add) and we see Jon Kent (Superman II) doing his best to recruit various heroes for a new iteration of the League (To Black Adam’s dismay) and Deathstroke killing off a beloved character (**NO SPOILERS**), this new Crisis is nowhere on the level of the original Crisis nor the sequel “Infinite Crisis”; I will say that Joshua Willamson is a terrific writer who’s proved himself many times for fans who got disenchanted with DC but instead of letting him tell the story he wants to tell, he probably got a mandate from his editors to just tell a “summer blockbuster” type of story that will have anyone getting out their popcorn and while I’m in awe of Daniel Sampere’s artwork (The only good thing about this “Crisis”) this feels so flat, like a Michael Bay movie with no substance. If you want- Wait for the trade or until DC can give us a true Crisis that won’t disrespect the legacies of Marv Wolfman and George Perez or the works of Geoff Johns, Phil Jimenez, Ivan Reis, and Jerry Ordway. One word to describe this Crisis- Meh!

Jane Foster & The Mighty Thor # 1– Yep, with “Thor: Love and Thunder” right around the corner it was only a matter of time before Marvel was going to bring out a title featuring Jane returning as the God of Thunder. Torunn Gronbekk (Who’s known for bringing out the best in Jane next to Jason Aaron) and Michael Dowling present a story that answers the question- Can Jane Foster reclaim Mjolnir? With Asgard under siege by some of Thor’s most sinister villains, it’s going to be fun to see if Jane will once again become Thor as this series, right out the gate, serves as another heroic entry in Jane Foster’s life and hopefully, as the series goes on, it won’t become Marvel’s idea of a quick cash grab with the new Thor movie coming out.

The Ward # 1– Does anyone out there enjoy a good medical drama? or anything that involves fantasy?! Look no further!! The Ward is the comic for you that mashes up those genres and brings out something wonderful! From Cavan Scott ( Of “Star Wars: The High Republic” fame) and Andres Ponce comes a series that delivers in story and art. Right away we’re introduced to St. Lilith, a secret hospital that treats supernatural creatures; We also get to meet the title’s main protagonist, Dr. Nat Reeves, who finds a woman with a tail bleeding out on her doorstep. Accompanied by her neighbor Wilfred, the two of them take the lady to St. Lilith, and that is when we get to witness this hospital treat some of its unique patients. Scott and Ponce bestow upon us a medical drama that invokes the essence of “St. Elsewhere” and “ER” while adding some Star Wars elements just for the heck of it but the one assessment that I will add is that when reading this, don’t expect any hilarious influences from “Scrubs” although Dr. Reeves never got a hug from Dr. Maiko Kumasaka, a phantom doctor with no face (She could very well be Dr. Cox to Nat’s J.D.); Medical Dramas, for me, could never in a comic book format but if I had the choice between watching endless repeats of “Grey’s Anatomy” or taking the time to appreciate a title like The Ward- I choose the latter, simply because it’s entertaining, brilliant and it’s a title you’ll look forward to. Dark Horse has a definite hit on its hands.

Well, that’s it for me. Thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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