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Action Comics 2022 Annual # 1
Batman 2022 Annual # 1
Black Panther # 6
Captain Marvel # 38
Fire Power # 21
Ghost Rider # 3
Hardware Season One # 6
Moon Knight # 1 (Fascimile Edition)
Thor # 25

Action Comics 2022 Annual # 1- Mongul has always been one of the most high-profile Superman villains, ever since his debut in DC Comics Presents # 27 and his memorable appearance in Superman Annual # 11; Now this year’s Action annual takes a glimpse into Mongul’s early days while we also take a look at Clark Kent’s days in Smallville when he was a kid. Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Si Spurrier created a tale that showed the different paths and morals that help craft both Superman and Mongul for better or worse; Dale Eaglesham and Ian Churchill brought some stunning visuals to this annual that will blow you always and in my opinion, it’s always great to see Ian Churchill’s art on any project since I feel like he should be doing some more work; This annual may not be the blockbuster that some people are expecting but it’s a substantial entry to the Warworld saga that will give fans the whole story once it reaches its conclusion.

Batman 2022 Annual # 1 – Ghost Maker once again takes center stage as this annual sets up the new iteration of “Batman Inc.”; Batman appoints him as the new leader of the organization, and I have to say this is an amazing read that blends action and bravado with such brilliance; The story itself never talks down to the core audience nor insults their intelligence but it puts Ghost Maker in a good light all while presenting what a great leader he is. Ed Brisson and John Timms brought out the best in Batman Inc. and this annual is one that I recommend for anyone who wants to set up a petition for a Ghost Maker series…..and in all honesty, he deserves it.

Moon Knight # 1 (Fascimile Edition) – I’ve always been a Moon Knight fan so this facsimile edition is a great addition to anyone’s collection and for me, it’s great to own a copy even if it’s not the original version. If anyone has seen the Disney+ series that help boost his popularity then you should check this out.

Thor # 25- The second installment of “Banner of War” continues to be an adventure filled with big thrills and ruination that just comes at you with every page; Seeing Bruce Banner rage out against a could of gamma-powered bar thugs and Iron Man deciding to enter the Hulk/Thor madness the only way he knows how is a story that will have anyone breaking out the popcorn, I also feel like the readers will need time to recuperate after reading this crossover. This issue also brings us two backups stories that didn’t make the previous issue, such as Nadia Shammas and Simone D’Armini presenting a story about a Norse myth with Thor and Loki and you just know that when these two are together it spells trouble as this story has a real sitcom feel to it, but the one that impresses me the most was the one about The Enchantress that brought together the iconic Thor team of Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz & Brett Breeding and with these gentlemen still at the top of their game, they present a story that reminds readers why their run is so magical. The Banner of War story and the DeFalco/Frenz story is worth the admission of this issue. Thor fans who enjoy the new or the old stuff will find delight in this issue.

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