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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Captain America: Symbol Of Truth # 1
Hulk Vs. Thor: Banner War Alpha # 1
I Am Batman # 9
Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood # 1
Nocterra # 10

Captain America: Symbol Of Truth # 1– Sam Wilson is back as The Sentinel of Liberty ….well, he is sharing the mantle with Steve Rogers but nonetheless this new series kicks off a new era for Cap, and not that I’m being biased by any means, but this first issue blew me away, mainly because we get to see Cap and The Falcon (Joaquin Torres is back!) in action again which gave off vibes from the Steve Englehart/Sal Buscema era of Cap and it looks like no time has passed since Sam had the shield which for me, made this book more enjoyable. The creative team of Tochi Onyebuchi and R.B. Silva deliver what could very well be a classic Captain America story that brings the character back to his roots all while staying away from any political agenda, which will bring a huge amount of joy to any Cap fans out there. For the true Cap fans, Symbol Of Truth is a book worth checking out.

Hulk vs Thor: Banner Of War Alpha # 1– This is one of the most massive and brutal Hulk/Thor battles to date which kicks off a five-part crossover. It’s also one that only Donny Cates can bring to life. After getting a fast recap of both of these titans’ current continuity, the fighting gets underway and you will definitely find yourself on the edge of your seat from reading this special; Both Cates and Martin Coccolo clearly had fun putting this story together with their labor of love on display within every page (There’s even a two-page spread that features a delightful “Street Fighter” parody. Family Guy did it better….just saying);
While we wrestle with the questions and debates on who would win between The Hulk and Thor when Banner Of War could easily settles those inquiries with this crossover, thus giving us a slugfest to remember…..or scar us for life, either way.

Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood # 1– What a spectacular anthology series that really brings out the best in Marvel’s version of Batman; Jonathan Hickman and Chris Bachalo’s opening story of a Moon Knight of the future helps set the pace for this series with its moody and dark factor that makes it so strong. Marc Guggenheim and Jorge Fornes deliver a MK story in reverse that showcases the creativity these two gentlemen bring to the table and last but not least, we get a very upbeat Moon Knight/Spider-Man team-up courtesy of Murewa Ayodele and Dotun Akande that really dives into how different the two of them really are all while letting their unique personalities clash. This Moon Knight anthology is the perfect way to get some interesting and noir-esque stories and who knows, it might make you a Moon Knight fan if no one wasn’t interested in the Disney+ series.

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