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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Black Panther # 5
Captain Carter # 2
I Am Batman # 8
Nocterra # 9
Venom # 7
X-Men: House of XCII # 1

I Am Batman # 8– Jace Fox’s tenure as Batman hits a speed bump as his first encounter with a notorious serial killer (Whose latest victim is a police commissioner who had a dark side that no one knew about) got the best of him. I felt disappointed by that because of the way John Ridley build him from the ground up, making him a more superior Batman than Bruce Wayne only to have his butt handed to him by a B-list villain, but I have complete faith that this arc will turn around for the better because of Ridley’s storytelling and how captivating it is but I’m still a Jace Fox fan and IAB is still a solid series, now that this issue is out in the public, let’s see what dynamic component could help bring this title back on track.

Venom # 7– Seven issues in I still feel weird that Eddie Brock isn’t in the driver’s seat but I’m growing on Dylan Brock being Venom, and this issue, by Ram V & Bryan Hitch, takes the action up a notch, particularly when it comes to Venom’s fight with Bedlam that takes up most of this issue and Ram V knows how to craft a story that blends action and horror to perfection, plus Bryan Hitch’s artwork reminds us what a splendid storyteller he is.
Dylan’s time as Venom is producing such great stories and once again making the Lethal Protector’s popularity soar to great heights.

X-Men ’92: House of XCII # 1– Remember the beloved and acclaimed X-Men cartoon from the 90s that almost everyone grew up on and made anyone who didn’t read comics a fan?! Well, they’re back but with a twist- The Age of Krakoa, brought to life by Jonathan Hickman, gets a 90s feel to it and Mutants all-around take a huge step on forming their own nation on the island of Krakoa and I have to say that it’s a charming and fun read that all X-Men fans will enjoy and be ready for a huge surprise when it comes to Jubilee (**NO SPOILERS**); House of XCII takes everything that Hickman and the various crop of current X-Men writers worked on and added the nostalgic and vintage aspect to it that shows what would have happened if the series got another season while adding to the cartoon’s everlasting legacy.

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