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Amazing Spider-Man #92.BEY
Avengers #54
Batman/Superman: World’s Finest # 1
Blue And Gold # 7
Detective Comics # 1057
The Flash # 780
Reckoning War: Trial of The Watcher # 1
The Silver Coin # 10

Amazing Spider-Man # 92.BEY– Even though the Beyond era is wrapping up, we’re treated to one more tie-in that features Monica Rambeau (formerly Captain Marvel) and Machine Man teaming up to take down the numerous monsters in the Beyond Corporation’s supervillain program. It’s a great read that once again focuses on something other than Ben Reilly, especially this issue serves as a sample of plot threads wrapping up and I even enjoy Jed MacKay bringing his Colleen Wing/Misty Knight/Morbius story to a close. The Beyond era definitely has its fair share of critics but this issue really brought out the best of that storyline and it will be missed…for the time being, that is.

Batman/Superman: World’s Finest # 1– WOW!!! This is a title that really deserved to make a huge comeback. Seeing Superman and Batman (Not to forget Robin, who’s more or less the comic relief here) together makes for a wonderful series, and with Mark Waid and Dan Mora at the helm, it’s already a winner in my eyes due to both gentlemen showcasing their amazing talents. Poison Ivy! Metallo! The Penguin! and The Doom Patrol helped make this title all that special so I love the fact that this new version of ‘World’s Finest” takes the nostalgia and fondness of both the Golden Age and Pre-Crisis eras and gives it the respect it deserves.

The Silver Coin # 10– Michael Walsh delivers a spine-tingling sequel to his “Covenant” story in which a high schooler named Audrey has a unique gift for the occult so when she gets ahold of the coin, she and her friends hold a seance in order to break the curse of the coin but finds themselves in some serious trouble. Silver Coin continues to be a trailblazer for well-written horror stories but thanks to this issue, the amusement and chilling factors that help shape the series but at the same time, give it its gravitas.

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