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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Amazing Spider-Man # 91
Batman # 121
Batman: Killing Time # 1
Black Panther # 4
Captain America/Iron Man # 4
Daredevil: Woman Without Fear # 3
Detective Comics # 1055
Devil’s Reign: Spider-Man # 1
Everything Sucks # 1
Fantastic Four # 41
Monkey Prince # 2
Moon Knight # 9
Nocterra # 8
She-Hulk # 2
What If…Miles Morales # 1

Batman: Killing Time # 1– This series looks to accomplish two things- One is to present a thrilling Batman story from his early years that take advantage of presenting his detective skills to great effect, and Two is for Tom King to put himself back in the good graces of the numerous Batman fans who felt disappointed by his run or his current series, Batman/Catwoman; Right away the action takes off like a rocket as Catwoman, The Riddler and The Penguin join forces to steal a mysterious artifact that’s owned by Bruce Wayne. Giving credit where it is due, King finds a nice balance of making Killing Time both a crime drama and a superhero story all while being enjoyable to read. David Marquez also deserves major credit as his art radiates on every page. If the next five issues are just as astonishing as the first one, Killing Time could be another Batman story by Tom King that will have fans on his run come back for support and to digest what could be an amazing Batman tale.

Devil’s Reign: Spider-Man # 1– This series focuses solely on The Rose’s return (He came back to life during Nick Spencer’s run on Amazing Spider-Man) and his path of proving that he’s more superior to his father, Wilson Fisk aka The Kingpin and aka The mayor of New York (Who’s now made it his mission to outlaw all the heroes in NYC); Part of this issue’s plot revolves around a key member of The Beyond Corporation being kidnapped by The Rose and Ben Reilly swings in to save him which helps bring Spider-Man into the conflict. Ever since The Rose debuted in Amazing Spider-Man # 253 way back in 1984 I always felt like he was such an intriguing villain and this issue made sure to remind the readers who stuck with Spider-Man through thick and thin and I have to add that everything about this issue made me feel like I’ve gone back to the 90s so that’s a plus for me and for anyone who enjoyed this issue and with nostalgia and fondness. This is by far one of the most well-liked Devil’s Reign tie-ins that everyone should read.

Everything Sucks # 1– The only thing that I can say about this comic is the fact that it’s just plain fun and silly; Plus it never takes itself seriously as it’s a tale of two stoners named Noah and Calla who head out to score a cheeseburger after seeing a commercial for a local burger joint (Isn’t that always the way?! We gotta have the latest food craze after seeing it on TV/ or Social Media!) along the way they meet up with a friend of theirs named Brad (He’s not exactly Tony Hawk with a skateboard as shown in this issue) and as soon as they head to Burger Castle, they find out it is closed due to someone defecating on the floor (Yes it’s grossed out humor tossed in for giggles, but you’ll be surprised by who did the horrible deed); Writer/Artist Michael Sweater manages to take classic sitcom antics and deliver something hilarious and captivating. Think Cheech & Chong meets Jay & Silent Bob with some Beavis & Butt-Head elements sprinkled in for perfection. Highly recommend this for anyone who can relate to hating people yet finding themselves in such dire situations, and I feel like Sweater should consider turning this into an Adult Swim series as soon as possible.

What If…Miles Morales # 1– “What If” found another source of popularity thanks in part to the Disney+ series so it only makes sense on Marvel’s part to bring it back …..but with a twist. The series focuses on Miles Morales and what would happen if he didn’t get bitten by that genetically engineered spider. In this alternate reality, Miles gets a whiff of a certain super-soldier serum that transformed him into the Sentinel of Liberty; What I love the most about this one-shot is how it’s a great Captain America story that I think everyone can relate to because of this issue, some of us feel like Spider-Man is who we aspire to be, but it’s Miles Morales: Captain America is who we want to be.

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