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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Amazing Spider-Man # 89
Detective Comics # 1053
Fantastic Four # 40
The Flash # 779
G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero- Saturday Morning Adventures # 1
Hulk # 4
Icon & Rocket: Season One # 5
The Silver Coin # 9
Thor # 22
Venom # 5

Amazing Spider-Man # 89– In this issue, we get a glimpse of the Goblin Queen’s origin which, to the surprise of no one, features the involvement of Beyond’s head honcho, Maxine Danger (Who’s slowly becoming the Marvel Universe’s version of Lex Luthor) and the Queen’s battle with The Black Cat may have been short but it will capture the attention of the readers so that’s a big positive; Another positive is how Mark Bagley and Andrew Hennessy brought Patrick Gleason’s script to life so that alone makes this a perfect issue of ASM even though some people aren’t huge fans of this current arc. While Ben Reilly is a no-show, a certain surprise for longtime Spider-Man fans will have them smiling from ear-to-ear (**NO SPOILERS**); There’s even a small homage to Mark Ruffalo’s classic “I’m always angry” line from 2012’s Avengers that’s simply wonderful. The Beyond era of ASM is quickly coming to a close but even if the main protagonist is noticeably absent, this issue stands out to be the very best.

Fantastic Four # 40– This issue follows up the over-the-top events from “The Reckoning War” one-shot which feels like an “Outer Limits” episode than a FF comic. Reed Richards’ connection to Uatu’s technology which he used to find out that The Reckoning was born thanks in no part to The Watchers dropping the ball when it came to improving the universe so it turns out that his newfound knowledge is making him unbearable to the rest of the FF and the fact that he’s a prime example of how absolute power corrupts makes for an interesting story but at the same time, most of the issue comes off as chaotic and messy since it seems like Dan Slott is setting up so many elements for the remainder of The Reckoning War that it’s hard to enjoy this issue which is a bad thing, but I’m hoping that Slott is going to make this event noteworthy and hopefully manage to deliver something tremendous and stray away from making his plots so convoluted.

G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero- Saturday Morning Adventures # 1– Anyone who enjoyed the G.I.Joe cartoons from the late 1980s (Fun Fact: It was produced by Marvel Enterprises), this comic will bring back a lot of memories because it’s a real fun read and fro the most part, leans heavily on the sillier aspects of this series. Cobra Commander finds The Lamp of Aladdin (You can’t make this stuff up) and makes his first wish- A giant-sized Cobra B.A.T. which gets easily defeated by the Joes. It isn’t long before Cobra unveils the MegaB.A.T. and the Joes find themselves in a battle they may not win. The 80s nostalgia is an amazing touch and is a terrific successor to the original cartoon which many hardcore G.I.Joe fans will relish. I recommend that when you read this comic, make sure you got a 1980s playlist on hand and let this take you back to a simpler time when good truly was triumphant over evil.

The Silver Coin # 9– Series regular Michael Walsh teams up with Vita Avala to deliver a story called “The Dancer” that’s set in the 1970s where a crooked cop who, in order to clear his debts, agrees to set many apartment buildings in the South Bronx on fire but the Silver Coin, which he stole from a homeless man, gets hotter which each building that’s on fire and it seems like the cop can’t escape its grasp which proves to be deadly for him. Walsh and Avala make the absolute best of this story as they really ramp up the horror and intensity to make this story terrifying while at the same time, taking the well-known crooked cop premise and freshening up to enhance the story. The ending may be predictable (**NO SPOILERS**) but do not let that ruin your enthusiasm for this series as the coin continues to bring misery to anyone that comes into possession of it and how it shapes the stories being told. Another solid issue worth checking out.

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