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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Amazing Spider-Man # 88.BEY
Avengers # 53
Detective Comics # 1052
Devil’s Reign # 4
Edge of Spider-Verse- Gwen Stacy: Spider-Woman (Facsimile Edition) # 1
I Am Batman # 6
Maestro: World War M # 1
Moon Knight # 8
Radiant Black # 12
Rick & Morty Vs. Dungeons & Dragons: The Meeseeks Adventure # 1

Amazing Spider-Man # 88.BEY– The Slingers return for this one-shot that sees Hobie Brown (aka The Prowler) taking on the mantle of The Hornet (he did design the suit!) all while running his company, Fairgray, with his wife Mindy, but then things take an ugly turn when The Beyond Corporation buys Fairgray, leaving Hobie to investigate; I enjoyed seeing the return of Dusk and Ricochet and it’s interesting to know that Beyond has another superhero division besides Spider-Man so there is time you don’t know what to make of The Beyond Corporation even thought things are starting to unravel for the company in the main ASM title. Geoffrey Thorne accomplishes two things here- One, he can really write a compelling superhero story, and Two, he can bring out the absolute best in the characters he writes, which is evident in Hobie and Mindy’s relationship as it’s realistic and exciting that will bring joy to the readers. ASM # 88.BEY is a fun superhero story that focuses on other elements that tie into The Beyond Corporation while at the same time, delivering a story outside of Ben Reilly that will amaze Spider-Man fans looking for something unique and enticing.

I Am Batman # 6– Jace Fox, along with his family, makes the move to New York City and right out the gate becomes a very different Batman story as NYC in the DC Universe was never explored until now and it’s a spectacular move as it fully opens up Jace’s world both as a hero and a support system for his family; I also feel that John Ridley is taking full advantage of this new status quo as he’s not only putting his stamp on this title but
embracing the fact that he’s the architect of Jace Fox’s world, making him a strong character while moving him out of Bruce Wayne’s shadow for good. Jace’s new status quo is a welcoming addition to this book as it brings The Dark Knight back to his original roots and gives Batman fans a hero they can relate to.

Maestro: World War M # 1– Peter David once again brings a magnificent entry to The Hulk’s Maestro trilogy with some strange alliances such as Namor and The Abomination are formed to end The Maestro’s tyranny; I like how Doctor Doom is added to the mix as he’s figuring out his own way to defeat The Maestro despite his many injuries and let’s just say that there’s a really wonderful surprise (**NO SPOILERS**) for many old-school Marvel fans towards the end that will bring a smile to anyone reading this title. Peter David’s Hulk stories are always compelling and show tons of respect for the character himself so since “World War M” wraps up the Maestro trilogy, you can be sure that David is going out with a bang.

Radiant Black # 12– Twitch superstar/Social Media Influencer Meghan “Strawburry17” Camarena joins Kyle Higgins for this standalone story that puts the spotlight on Radiant Pink; A lady named Eva is one of the biggest streamers to hit the scene thanks in part to her streaming channel but when her microphone gets busted thanks to her cat, her world comes crashing down and it’s when she discovers Radiant artifact that changes everything for her. A pleasant origin story for Radiant Pink and it’s great to see a story like this from a streamer’s perspective as it enhances the story and works in how exciting or hectic a streamer’s life can be. While this story was entertaining, I’m hoping for the day when Radiant Black can get back on track because this series is really good and should not be slumping with mediocre stories that will bring down its value but only time will tell.

Rick & Morty Vs. Dungeons & Dragons: The Meeseeks Adventure # 1– A fun entry for the Rick & Morty/Dungeons & Dragons series as two warriors find a Mr. Meeseeks box and quickly takes advantage of it when the joyful and quirky Mr. Meeseeks gets a thirst of blood and violence that takes a dark turn but in a hilarious way that will appeal to Rick & Morty fans; Jim Zub and Troy Little clearly had a blast putting his one-shot together as it’s not only funny but it never goes down the path of poking fun at D&D but gives it the acclaim that will please many D&D fans. Rick & Morty Vs. Dungeons & Dragons are without a doubt one of the most innovative crossovers that will delight fans of both franchises when it comes to blending humor with fantasy. A huge recommendation to anyone wanting a good laugh.

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