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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Action Comics # 1038
Amazing Spider-Man # 84
Batman # 119
Black Widow # 13
Captain America/Iron Man # 2
Detective Comics #’s 1046
Detective Comics #’s 1047
Frontiersman #’s 3
Frontiersman #’s 4
The Flash # 777
Justice League Infinity # 7
Nocterra: Blacktop Bill Special # 1
Superman: Son of Kal-El # 6
Superman ’78 # 5
Teen Titans Academy # 10
Thor # 20


Amazing Spider-Man # 84– I know that some longtime Spider-Man fans are still divided by Ben Reilly taking over the mantle while Peter Parker is still out of commission, but I feel like this issue was a blast to read because it featured the return of Doctor Octopus and he showed up sporting a suit (A throwback from the Erik Larsen era of ASM; Makes me wish for the green & orange suit); Ben and Ock going at it brought with it a classic vibe to this title which hasn’t been seen for some time and I would like to give thanks to Cody Ziglar’s script and the breathtaking artwork by Paco Medina (Bringing his A-Game to this title) as their contributions help elevate this title to greatness for the time being and because of the fast-pacing excitement of this issue, it will make everyone excited to see what comes next.

Batman # 119– Lex Luthor has revealed himself as the new beneficiary of Batman Inc. to the dismay of Bruce Wayne and the dynamic between these two iconic characters is a breath of fresh air because you never know what will happen when these two get together and the battle with Abyss felt too short but he makes an excellent villain due to the fact that he uses the shadows to his advantages all while taking Batman himself out of his comfort zone. The last page alone will shock you (**NO SPOILERS**) and with a new creative team on board, Batman is still back to being a top title that continues to amaze its readers.

Captain America/Iron Man # 2– Now into its second issue, I like how this series blends action and suspense with elements of espionage that will get people into this series, but what I really thought was interesting is how Cap and Iron Man’s friendship was on full display, which shows us how much respect they have for each other and this truly is one of the best team-ups series ever because of two of Marvel’s most iconic figures get their own title (Even if it is a limited series); This is highly recommended for anyone who loves the spirit of the good old days of Marvel that brings the excitement and wonders that Stan Lee and Jack Kirby did and make it modern for today’s audience.

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