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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Amazing Spider-Man # 82
Avengers # 51
Black Panther # 2
Hawkeye: Kate Bishop # 2
The Last Avengers Story: Marvel Tales # 1
Moon Knight # 6
Ms. Marvel: Beyond The Limit # 1
Radiant Black # 11
Venom # 3

Amazing Spider-Man # 82– This issue wasn’t really a crowd pleaser but it felt more like filler material until the writing staff sets up Ben Reilly’s next big adventure. There’s an unusual thing happening at the hospital that Peter Parker’s residing, it turns out that the patients end up being wheeled out by an orderly that looks so much like Uncle Fester to perform “Special Circumstances” on them and it’s up to Mary Jane to save the day; For me, this didn’t feel like a Spider-Man story but more like “Grey’s Anatomy” meets “Dr. Giggles” with some Stephen King mixes in for good measure. I get that Peter needs more screen time since Ben’s doing the Spider-Man bit but I have to say that this particular issue is definitely a big miss so this is an issue that could easily be skipped until the next one, and quite frankly I also feel like considering his current condition, Peter Parker deserves better.

The Last Avengers Story: Marvel Tales # 1– This classic Avengers story, told in the “What If…?” format gets reprinted via the Marvel Tales title and I have to say it’s a really perfect story with no flaws whatsoever that features an aging Henry Pym leading a small group of remaining Avengers to do battle with Ultron 59 whos aligned himself with Kang The Conquerer; Peter David and Ariel Olivetti created an epic masterpiece that was overlooked when this story came out in 1995 since it precedes “Kingdom Come”, but I do think that this story would find an audience since the MCU’s great treatment of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is at an all-time end. The Last Avengers Story is something that should be in anyone’s collection.

Radiant Black # 11– I really can’t stop saying such great things about this title, especially with this issue that has Radiant Black teaming up with Radiant Pink so that the latter can get revenge on a villain named Doppler (But mainly so that she can get some props on social media); a Very fun read that brings in some huge action sequences that make the story more vigorous but also continues to keep things interesting. Radiant Black is without a doubt the future of superhero comics.

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