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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Amazing Fantasy # 6
Batman ’89 # 4
Captain America/Iron Man # 1
Fantastic Four: Life Story # 5
PhenomX # 2
The Silver Coin # 7

Captain America/Iron Man # 1– It’s always a joy to see two of Marvel’s most iconic heroes team up, especially since they spent most of their time as founding members of The Avengers but when they team-up, you just know that it’s going to be a story for the ages (In my humble opinion it will be); The story itself kicks off with a Hydra provocateur staging breakout on her way to prison, bringing our heroes together. Derek Landry pulls out all the stops in terms of pacing and making sure the action is amazing and Angel Unzueta’s artwork is absolutely stunning, not to mention making everything look realistic. This series is definitely off to a great start and will remind everyone why they’re the best in the Marvel Universe.

Fantastic Four: Life Story # 5– Moving into the 2000s, Galactus finally arrives but things take a turn for the worse (**NO SPOILERS**) and I have to say that this real-life Galactus saga is a complete departure from the classic Lee/Kirby version, mainly because they are things about this one that will make the readers turn the other way, especially the treatment of The Silver Surfer (That one alone made me sad); While I feel like this issue took many missteps in the handling of The Galactus trilogy as well as being chronically late, I hope that FF: Life Story gives us a phenomenal conclusion that will satisfy any longtime FF fan.

The Silver Coin # 7– Series co-creator/artist Michael Walsh teams up with Ram V to tell a story about Lou Prado, a gambler who’s had quite the losing streak…until he comes across the Silver Coin; Suddenly, he’s on the biggest winning streak of his life, and it doesn’t take long before things become dark and grim for poor old Lou. I like how both Ram V and Michael Walsh took the old “Losing gambler gets lucky” plot and makes it fresh and deadly (It really doesn’t end well for Lou- **NO SPOILERS**); This issue felt like a twisted and ghastly episode of “Tales From The Darkside” but I enjoy how The Silver Coin explores the dark nature of life and delivers any tale with a twist and turns that will continue to captive the readers.

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