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Batman # 117
Blue & Gold # 4
King Spawn # 4
Superman: Son Of Kal-El # 5
Wonder Woman: Evolution # 1

Batman # 117– Fear State concludes with a bang, and James Tynion IV & Jorge Jimenez pull out all the stops to make this a notable issue that will definitely be remembered; From Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy embracing each other to Batman putting down Peacekeeper-01 as well as sharing a memorable moment with Miracle Molly, this issue tied up everything to perfection, but at the same time it shows the readers how strong the Bat-Family is and opens up a new beginning for Batman as he leaves Gotham to come next issue. Tynion made this series explosive and thrilling to the point where you did not know what would happen next so let’s hope the new era of Batman will continue that trend.

Superman: Son Of Kal-El # 5– Yes, this is the issue that got DC so much mainstream attention and yes, Jon Kent comes out as Bi-Sexual but besides that, this issue comes off as a strong one as Jon continues his tenure as Superman thanks to the heroic script provided by Tom Taylor (Who knows how to write an excellent Superman story); While most people are too fixated on Jon’s sexuality (Which is not a big deal at all), seeing Jon be a better Superman than the Henry Cavill version is a beautiful thing to behold, plus his journey is very astonishing that Bi-Sexual or not, Jon Kent is indeed a Superman that the younger fans will grow upon with pride and the older fans will continue to enjoy his exploits to great fanfare and the contents within this issue just cemented his status as an icon.

Wonder Woman: Evolution # 1– Stephanie Phillips and Mike Hawthorne (Who’s making his DC debut) come aboard to convey a Wonder Woman story that looks amazing where the amazon faces a series of challenges with the fate of humanity at stake; So far, I enjoy what Phillips introduces in her script as she really knows how to write such strong characters and it looks like she excels in putting Diana Prince through the wringer but also leading her into an adventure full of awe and cosmic proportions;
The next few issues should be spectacular and while this issue keeps the excitement level to a minimum, it looks to be a fun read.

Well, that’s it for me. Thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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