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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Avengers # 35
Batman # 97
Excalibur # 11
Harley Quinn 75
Jane Foster: Valkyrie # 10
Justice League # 51
Maestro # 1
Metal Men # 9
Spider-Man (Facsimile Edition) # 1
Spider-Woman # 3
Teen Titans # 44

Batman # 97- The latest installment of “Joker War” is really heating up and this issue was just flat-out excellent in terms of strong storytelling and artwork; Loved seeing The Clownhunter in full form and this is a great character to come out of Tynion’s run so it will be fun to see him appear more in this title and I like the alliance that Batman and Harley Quinn have developed as I enjoy seeing the latter trying to get the former to get his head on straight but this issue was amazing and I would love to see more Clownhunter!

Harley Quinn # 75- Yep this is it! The final issue of Harley Quinn and for the most part, I did like how the series ended with Harley being abducted and being forced to take part in a roast where it highlights all of Harley’s adventures but while all that was entertaining I did feel that the ending was very weak because the entire story was going strong but then hit a brick wall thanks to the ending but the story itself was great; The backup feature shows us what happened to Harley after her fatal injuries at the hand of Punchline. The story itself was just okay as it was filler material for “Joker War” but I do wish this series could have gone on until # 100 but we’ll never know for sure, all I know was that this was a title worth reading and only time will tell if DC will grace us with another Harley Quinn title.

Justice League # 51- This was an interesting way to kick off a new arc as we see the return of the Black Mercy, which is a plant that creates a person’s perfect life just by tapping into the pleasure centers of ta person’s brain but what really got my interest was how the dramatic elements of the story kept you hooked until the mercy made its appearance AND it also played out the way a horror movie would which I felt was cool. This issue is another issue why the Justice League is still one of the most memorable titles that DC’s been putting out.

Maestro # 1- Peter David returns to The Hulk once again, this time giving us the untold origin of The Maestro character that was immortalized in the classic “Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect” and I like the set-up which had some solid artwork by Dale Keown (Who’s no stranger to The Hulk) and German Peralta (Who kept the story balanced with the dark overtones of his art);
And no matter what, David slips back into the Hulk’s world with absolutely no rust when it comes to his writing all while showing us a Hulk who’s got nothing left to care about in a post-apocalyptic world and prepare to see how much M.O.D.O.K. has aged in this timeline. Maestro is another solid series going right out the gate thanks in part to its first issue and in time, this series will be yet another masterpiece in PAD’s timeless run on Incredible Hulk.

Spider-Man # 1 (Facsimile Edition) – This is a cool comic to get because of the memories behind it. I got this issue way back in 1990 when my stepdad took me to Golden Apple Comics in Melrose (One of the many hot spots in L.A.) and we waited in the longest line ever but I did get the comic so I like how I have a piece of history again, although the story itself still hasn’t held up good due to Todd McFarlane’s first time as a writer but I did feel like he could have benefited as a co-plotter with another top writer handing the heavy stuff in terms of co-plotting and scripting but the nine-year-old in me is happy I have this again so that’s a win in my book.
Welp, that’s it for me. Thanks so much for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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