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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Action Comics # 1036
Amazing Spider-Man # 78
Miles Morales: Spider-Man # 32
M.O.M. (Mother Of Madness) # 3
Ordinary Gods # 5
PhenomX # 1
Sea of Stars # 11
Undiscovered Country # 17
Venom # 1

Amazing Spider-Man # 78– Last issue, Ben Reilly’s return as Spider-Man took a nasty turn as he went up against Morbius, The Living Vampire but what really bugged me about this issue is how this story was resolved so easily, but then I remember that Ben is being backed by The Beyond Corporation so that makes it perfectly okay. Most of the issue features Misty Knight and Colleen Wing facing off against Morbius which is clearly filler material just to make sure the story doesn’t go off the rails but since I feel like this was one of the most boring issues of the Beyond era of ASM, I hope the next issue (Featuring Kraven The Hunter) will make up for the lackluster aspects this issue displayed.

Miles Morales: Spider-Man # 32– I still am not a fan of Miles Morales’ new costume but the action and the artwork (Supplied by Christopher Allen) are superb, especially since Taskmaster is used as the main antagonist (And might I point out that this version is used to perfection than the MCU version); This issue is a fun read and shows that Saladin Ahmed can indeed writer such a strong and radiant Spider-Man story and it would be a blast of Christopher Allen became this book’s permanent artist because with the visuals being great and the writing being amazing as usual, the sky’s the limit with this title.

PhenomX # 1– John Leguizamo wears many hats. From comedian, writer, actor, and now entering the comic book medium; The actor & comedy legend teams up with the writing team of Adam Rappaport, Damian Slattery, and Joe Miciak to tell a story about a man named Max Gomez, who, after serving a lengthy prison sentence and having his parole turned down, is approached by a government agency that subjects him to a lengthy experiment that gives him extraordinary powers; Reading this opening issue, the premise felt like a one-man version of “Suicide Squad” meets an any old sci-fi show from the 90s; Longtime comics vet Chris Batista’s artwork brings out the best in the script and helps gives this series a creative punch. While we’re seeing an explosion of actors and Hollywood personalities writing comic books, I feel like PhenomX can get off the ground as long as it doesn’t falter but stays on the right track and brings something special to the table.

Venom # 1– Al Ewing, Ram V & Bryan Hitch come aboard to take America’s number one symbiote wearer in a new direction that will bring excitement to anyone that followed Eddie Brock’s journey; From Dylan Brock (Eddie’s son) taking on the mantle of Venom to Eddie himself enjoying his newfound role as the new King of Black, the new creative team supply a distinctive story that bounces from sci-fi to horror but done to great effect that no one would even think to complain about it. And you may want to brace yourself for what happens towards the end (**NO SPOILERS**) because it changes EVERYTHING about Venom so with that said, this new era of Venom looks promising and the story that both Ewing and Ram V set out to tell will be one that will be remembered for years to come.

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