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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Action Comics # 1035
Amazing Fantasy # 3
Amazing Spider-Man # 74
Batman/Superman # 22
Detective Comics # 1043
Icon & Rocket Season One # 3
Non-Stop Spider-Man # 5
Superman: Son of Kal-El # 3
Superman ’78 # 2
Thor # 17

Amazing Spider-Man # 74– Nick Spencer wraps up his three-year run on ASM with a finale that thrives on sporadic action and heavy drama, but also brings it all to a head when it concerns Peter’s relationship with Mary Jane Watson (**NO SPOILERS**) as the two of them got some closure……for the time being; The whole Kindred arc was wrapped up nicely but as time went on, I felt like it dragged too long but I do enjoy how it basically came to an end. Backup stories by Christos Gage & Todd Nauck as well as Sean Ryan and Gustavo Duarte help make this giant-sized issue well-rounded but the final backup, supplied by Zeb Wells and Ivan Florelli bring back a familiar cast member from the Ben Reilly era to help further set up ASM’s new status-quo (Which kicks off next month); Nick Spencer, to his credit, introduced some fresh and innovative factors to his ASM run, but it’s the Kindred arc that fans will always remember since it was the endgame for his run, but now that this issue is out …..you can always remember the fun element of Spencer’s run in trades or just re-read your collection.

Batman/Superman # 22– Mr. Myxzptlk gives The Calendar Man some of his power, which he then uses to wreak havoc all while wanting to get back at Batman; This issue is a very interesting one, mainly because of the forth-wall breaking elements on display here, which really does reminds me of the Pre-Crisis era of DC (I know I say that a lot); But the bad this about this issue?- This is in fact, the series finale of Batman/Superman but it did end things with some silliness that worked to great effect. I know that sooner or later, DC might bring back the possibility of Batman and Superman getting their own title again, but thanks to this finale, you can re-read it again all while remembering the greatest of “World’s Finest”

Non-Stop Spider-Man # 5– Yes, the rumors are true- This is the series finale of this title and yes it does end on a cliffhanger (**NO SPOILERS**); The whole Spidey/Baron Zemo fight could have been fleshed out to perfection (Which explains why Cory Smith and Geraldo Sandoval had to bail out Chris Bachalo on the art side) and even thought Marvel promised that this arc will be wrapped up in the new “Savage Spider-Man” series, NSSM could have got some more traction with Marvel decided to put the series on hiatus until Joe Kelly completes his scripts and the artwork is on point…….but for now, it is what it is.

Superman ’78 # 2– This whole series is a winner! The Christopher Reeve era is still vibrant and fun with Robert Venditti and Wilfredo Torres at the helm; Everything you love about the Superman movies is on display and done with the utmost respect. Venditti shows Christopher Reeve’s Man of Steel as a timeless hero who is willing to go above and beyond to ensure anyone’s safety and The Gene Hackman version of Lex Luthor works as a great foil for Superman as he comes to him to help him defeat Brainiac, so what makes this issue so special is the Superman/Lex dynamic, which comes off as more powerful than it did in the movies. This is a perfect Superman series to get into and it brings with it a lot of action and heart, but since it’s only two issues in, this arc could very well be the real version of “Superman III”

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