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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Batman ’89 # 2
Black Widow # 11
Fantastic Four # 680
Fantastic Four: Life Story # 4
Iron Man # 12
Kang The Conqueror # 2
Primordial # 1

Fantastic Four # 680– The Fantastic Four always know how to make the best of an anniversary issue, and this one is no exception. Facing off against Kang The Conquerer and his many variants (Rama-Tut, Immortus, and The Scarlet Centurion), not to mention the appearance of some FF variants made for a very entertaining story and a reminder of how we can’t get enough of the FF’s adventures. Dan Slott once again shows his admiration for the team with his script, but he also takes the time to give them the respect they so rightfully deserve; John Romita Jr.s art doesn’t do Slott’s script any justice, but I can say that by looking at it….he did try his best. Next up, Jason Loo delivers a story about the FF getting some quality time while fighting The Mole Man; A fun romp that will delight the readers which it pulls off perfectly. Finally, Mark Waid and Paul Renaud tell the story of…what else?! The FF’s origin. I felt like this story is a product of “been there, done that” but Waid brings a fresh perspective to the table so that’s refreshing. Fantastic Four # 680 is a definite love letter to Marvel’s first family and for anyone who still loves Marve Comics.

Fantastic Four: Life Story # 4– Taking place in the 1990s, this issue showcases The Thing trying to find his place in the world; Even with the arrival of Galactus still looming, this issue being told by the viewpoint of Ben Grimm really help elevate the story all while adding something fresh to the FF mythos since their story is being told in real-time. The appearance of The Silver Surfer is just breathtaking and I hope he makes an even bigger presence in the next issue. This is a very solid issue with heart and waiting to see how this series ends.

Iron Man # 12– Even though this storyline with Korvac felt fatigued and wore out its welcome, this issue, thankfully, brings in much much-needed energy and that’s a great thing seeing as how the storyline is reaching its conclusion. Seeing Iron Man in space and in action really brought back my excitement for this series and I’m hoping that the action in this issue carries on to the next one.

Primordial # 1– Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino reunite for this mind-bending tale of a dog named Laika who, in 1959, was launched into space by the USSR and two monkeys named Able and Baker who was also launched into space by NASA in 1961, in a response to the USSR, but the weird part?!- They never died but it does look like they’re coming back. I really love how this series mixes Science Fiction with elements of The Cold War, so those factors alone are enough to give this series a try. Once you began reading this opening issue, it’s very hard to put down because it does a good job of keeping your attention and having you wonder what will become of Laika, Able, and Baker once they reach earth; There’s also a very cool Pink Floyd homage in this issue that will have anyone geek out with joy. Anyone who loves Sci-Fi with a touch of history blended in for good measure, then Primordial is the series for you.

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