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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Amazing Spider-Man # 73
Batman # 112
Blue & Gold # 2
Daredevil # 34
Justice League Infinity # 3
Ordinary Gods # 3

Batman # 112– This issue is just amazing! Seeing The Scarecrow continue to wreak havoc in Gotham to Peacekeeper-01 being poised as the new hero that that city needs (sort of) really help elevate the series not to mention the dark and moody aspects that Jorge Jimenez is going for in his artwork. Once again, Batman is a title that’s truly becoming the gold standard for DC and I hope this momentum continues when the new creative team takes over.

Blue & Gold # 2– The chemistry between Blue Beetle and Booster Gold continues to be the main focus of this series, but seeing the two of them back together as well as utilizing social media to showcase their adventures really helps this series flow so naturally. Combining numerous buddy comedies with action done in the DC Comics manner, Blue & Gold continues to be a hit among Justice League International fans that want to see the silliness in a superhero story that helps anchor the series and keeps you wondering what comes next.

Daredevil # 34– This is an issue for anyone that’s a Typhoid Mary fan and who, like myself, didn’t like the characterization of her in 2005’s Elektra (which is still a bad comic book movie) because it looks as if she’s going in a whole new direction (**NO SPOILERS**) and it’s going to be interesting to see how this will affect her rocky relationship with The Kingpin and the setup for Elektra’s battle with Bullseye will definitely go down as a monumental moment in Daredevil history.

Justice League Infinity # 3– The Multiverse is a concept that’s starting to get some major recognition thanks in part to both DC and Marvel so the opening arc of JLI focuses solely on that….and ends up succeeding in doing so; DC has always been at the forefront of exploring different realities and any longtime comic book fan will get a joy out of this, like for example the wonderful use of President Superman from Grant Morrison’s New 52 run of “Action Comics” making his debut in DC’s animated canon and the ending (**NO SPOILERS**) will leave you in shock so I would highly recommend this series for anyone who loves it when DC explores the multiverse to great effect.

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