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Aquaman 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular # 1
Avengers # 48
Batman/Superman 2021 Annual # 1
Captain Marvel # 32
Dark Ages # 1
Fire Power # 15
Geiger # 6
Harley Quinn 2021 Annual # 1
Sinister War # 4
Static Season One # 3
Teen Titans Academy # 6
Thor # 16
Wonder Girl # 3

Aquaman 80th Annnivesary 100-Page Spectacular # 1-Yes, he’s been known to be the butt of many jokes and yes, he can talk to fish but thanks to some of the recent series (Especially the stories written by Dan Abnett) and the 2018 movie starring Jason Momoa, Aquaman is right on par with Batman and Superman so it’s no surprise that DC came out with this special celebrating his 80 anniversary. The stories here are top-notch with some all-star talent and presents the best Aquaman stories from the silver age to the present, this is a special that will please any Aquaman fan and at the same time, will no doubt remind anyone who hasn’t read comics in a while just show terrific Aquaman is.

Batman/Superman 2021 Annual # 1– The golden age Batman and Superman both get separate stories in this annual that serves as a flipbook but what’s really cool about this annual is how different yet unique the stories are; From the noir and eerie setting of the Superman story (Drawn by Francesco Francavilla which feels so much like a 1940’s horror movie but brought to life by Francavilla’s art, to The Batman & Robin story drawn by Paul Pelletier and Mick Gray which is very bright and brings in elements from the silver age which really makes this story feel dynamic. It’s a really fun annual with a familiar concept that works very well, so it’s an annual that I highly recommend.

Dark Ages # 1– This is a story of what happens when a deadly threat comes to earth and when earth’s mightiest heroes fail in stopping it. I know a story like this has been told over and over but Tom Taylor (Who has a knack for writing such epic stories)
presents a tale that shows the human side of the heroes as well as bringing together the emotional depths of his script and making them work well within the story. I feel like this will truly be a memorable story for anyone who’s a Marvel fan because it taking its own path instead of taking the overwhelming premise of “Avengers: Endgame” for inspiration.

Wonder Girl # 3– So this issue sees Yara falling for Eros and right off the bat it feels like a boring rom-com with no payoff so I’m hoping that Joelle Jones will get things rolling soon, but the sub subplot featuring the Cassie Sandmark and Artemis team up is entertaining but even with Jones and Adriana Melo dividing up the art chores the plot itself feel very flat which is sad seeing as how Wonder Girl got off to a great start, but if things don’t pick up then I think that Yara Flor’s solo series is in serious jeopardy.
Well, that’s it for me. Thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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