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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Action Comics # 1034
Amazing Fantasy # 2
Amazing Spider-Man # 72
Avengers Annual # 1
Batman/Superman # 21
Black Widow # 10
Darkhawk # 1
Detective Comics # 1042
Echolands # 1
Harley Quinn # 6
Ice Cream Man # 25
Icon & Rocket Season One # 2
King Spawn # 1
Non-Stop Spider-Man # 4
Spider-Man: Life Story Annual # 1
Superman: Son of Kal-El # 2
Superman ’78 # 1
Symbiote Spider-Man: Crossroads # 2
The United States of Captain America # 3

Darkhawk # 1– One of the most beloved Marvel heroes from the early 90s (1991 to be exact) returns with a new lease on life….and a new owner of the amulet: Chris Powell is no longer Darkhawk so the mantle goes to a promising young basketball player named Conner Young who gets a medical diagnosis that brings his basketball career to a halt but as luck would have it, the amulet comes into his possession and the role of hero is thrust upon him. This is a very fun read and Kyle Higgins is without a doubt a wonderful writer who’s truly redefining the superhero genre for a new generation of comic book readers, bringing the same magic that made “Radiant Black” an excellent read to a character that Marvel will dust off every chance they get. While fans may miss Chris Powell in the role of Darkhawk, I feel like this new iteration of the character will indeed make fans buy a Marvel comic for the first time.

Echolands # 1– J.H. Williams and Haden Blackman return to give us a series that plants its roots in fantasy and magic but it also succeeds in being a good read, The focus is on a local thief names Hope Redhood who hope to escape from a mad wizard and his daughter and I really like how not only is the story moves at a fast pace but it also mixes in different genres such as horror movie vampires & retro rocket ships to elves and mobsters and it definitely works to perfection, making this series very unique and if you enjoy those genres blended in so good effect, this is a series I highly recommend.

King Spawn # 1– I had such high hopes for this series seeing as it was about to truly launch the Spawn Universe to great effect but to be honest?! it was quite a chore to read this issue; It’s almost as if Todd McFarlane (Along with Sean Lewis) crammed too much plot elements into one issue (Which may or may not explain the ludicrous $5.99 cover price); That and the fact that there felt that was absolutely no connection to this universe, so I fell like if McFarlane really wants to bring in some major attention to Spawn, then he should do it in a way that won’t chase away his audience.

Spider-Man: Life Story Annual # 1– This companion piece to the groundbreaking 2019 series shows us Spider-Man aging in real-time, but this time it’s being told through the eyes of J. Jonah Jameson. Jonah contemplating his hatred for Spidey as well as how his life turned out made for a brilliant character piece but at the same time, will make the readers look at Jonah in a completely different way. Chip Zdarsky and Mark Bagley deliver another timeless classic that examines the nature of hatred and forgiveness and I would not mind seeing Spider-Man: Life Story Annual # 2

Superman ’78 # 1– This is a series that will no doubt be on the radar of any Superman fan. Seeing the Richard Donner/Christopher Reeve era come to the comic pages is indeed a beautiful thing to behold and I like how Robert Venditti showed much major respect to this series all while paying homage to “Superman: The Movie”; The introduction of Brainiac is an excellent touch and makes for the perfect villain to set up this series, and the fact that he’s in his Pre-Crisis form is icing on the cake, it’s also a joy to see him in this classic cinematic universe (Rumor has it he was this close to being the villain in 1983’s “Superman III”); Superman ’78 is an amazing read that will pay respect to Richard Donner but will remind any fan of The Man of Steel that you can absolutely believe that a man can fly.

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