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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Batman # 110
Batman: The Adventures Continues Season 2 # 2
Blue & Gold # 1
The Flash # 772
Justice League # 66
Justice League Infinity # 1
Marvel Action Spider-Man # 4
Moon Knight # 1
MOM (Mother Of Madness) # 1
Miles Morales: Spider-Man # 28
Radiant Black # 6
Shadecraft # 5
Shazam # 1
Star Wars: Darth Vader # 14
Thor Annual # 1
Trailer Park Boys Get A F#ing Comic Book # 1
Undiscovered Country # 14

Batman # 110– It seems like every time I read an issue of James Tynion’s Batman run, I’m also surprised and entertained at the same time but this issue really ramped up the excitement level to new heights due in part to Batman’s brawl for all against Peacekeeper-01, every moment of the action sequence will take you breath away but the only thing that bugged me was the lack of screen time that Miracle Molly got in this issue as I felt like she could have been utilized more, but as always I have faith in James Tynion’s writing so the next issue should definitely be amazing.

Blue & Gold # 1– Blue Beetle and Booster Gold are back! I love the immature and loving friendship these two characters share with one another and what makes it so special is because as soon as these two unite, there’s not only going to be fun but disaster will be waiting in the wings; Dan Jurgens and Ryan Sook deliver a series that harkens back to the late 1980s when DC began to come alive again so I highly recommend this series, only because it’s the only fun comic that DC is putting out.

MOM (Mother of Madness) # 1– Emilia Clarke (Yes, THAT Emilia Clarke of “Game of Thrones” fame) teams with co-creator/co-writer Marguerite Bennett and artist Leila Leiz for a series that takes pride in its uniqueness; We’re introduced to a woman named Maya who’s a single mother by day and superhero by night. The series itself comes off as dynamic due to Maya’s narration to the readers and I really like how Clarke and Bennet set out to make Maya very sympathetic as she begins her journey as a superheroine but there are some feminist elements on display but it doesn’t derail the story but elevates it (If only Captain Marvel would have taken this approach), And I know after reading this issue that it may take some time for this series to find a stable audience but for now, it seems to be off to a great start in my opinion.

Moon Knight # 1– I really enjoyed this issue, as Marvel’s resident caped crusader returns with a vengeance. We open up the series with M.K. dealing with his business called “The Midnight Mission” where he helps any NYC citizen deal with any supervillain whenever they’re lethal or on the supernatural side, he’s the hero to call; The premise alone looks very promising and I hope as time goes on that Moon Knight gets his own stable of villains (Something lacking in all of his past series) but I like the fact that he’s no longer looked as a Batman ripoff but a true hero that can stand on his own.

Trailer Park Boys Get A F#ing Comic Book # 1– This one-shot will have you laughing from beginning to end as it takes the momentum of the Netflix show and parlays it into a one-shot special that will appeal to a comic book audience. Every single story is top-notch entertainment and really brings in the comedy in full force. From the guys coming in contact with some radioactive weed that gives them superpowers to Randy’s comic book collection getting destroyed to even seeing some hilarious sendups of “Fortnite” and Bitcoin, you’ll laugh harder than you should, and that’s fair warning. So for any TPB fans out there, without question, this one-shot is for you.
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